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OnGuard Industrial Safety Glasses

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OnGuard Industrial Safety Rx Glasses - SafetyEyeglasses | Auhtorized Dealer 


Onguard Rx safety glasses is a leading brand for industrial safety. The onguard frames manufactured by "Simplivia Healthcare Ltd" and distributed in US by "B. Braun Medical inc"


Onguard safety glasses is one the best protective eyewear brand on the market, developed by best team of "Hilco Vision" - having more than 20 years of experience in making industrial eyewear technologies. 


“SafetyEyeglasses” Proud to be leading provider and authorized dealer of OnGuard Industrial safety Prescription glasses in best prices to prevent risk of eye injury at 


  1. ✔️ Construction
  2. ✔️ Health care
  3. ✔️ Manufacturing 
  4. ✔️ Emergency services 
  5. ✔️ Automotive industry


Frames Style:


Onguard safety frames best known for their technological innovations, here at SEG we comes up with Titanium, Wrap and Elite frame styles along with features of;


  1. Non Conductive
  2. Replaceable Nose Bridge
  3. 100% UV protection
  4. ANSI Z87.2 safety compliant
  5. Conforms to CSA Z94.3 protection criteria
  6. Side shield 


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What Prescription Lenses Options SEG Providing with Onguard?


Here at SEG, you can use wide range of prescription lenses along with your Onguard safety frames like:


✔️ Onguard frames with "Single Vision -ANSI Safety"

✔️ Onguard Glasses with "Bifocal Lenses - ANSI Safety"

✔️ Onguard Safety Frames with "Progressive Lenses - ANSI Safety

✔️ Onguard Industrial frames with "Trifocal Lenses - ANSI Safety"


Along with these lenses, you can even customized your lenses for tint, lens material and lens usage.



Who developed Onguard Safety Frames?

Onguard frames developed by 20 years of expericed team know as "Hilco Vision".


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