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Trifocal safety glasses

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Safety Glasses with Trifocals | E-D Trifocal Lenses


Safety Glasses with Trifocals:


Trifocals safety glasses have three different prescription (far, intermediate, near) on the lens, separated by a visible line across the whole width of the lens like Bifocals do.



In E-D Trifocal lenses; Distance view (far) is in the upper part, near view is in the lower part and intermediate mainly at an arm’s length viewing implanted in the intermediate area.


E-D Trifocals Usage:


If you need to view several monitors, read notes from a clipboard, or glance across a room, these lenses are ideal.


Trifocals at Safety Eyeglasses:


Here at SEG, We are prodividing "Trifocal lenses - ANSI safety" with three different safety packages. 


✔️ Basic Trifocal Safety Package (Save 5%)

✔️ Pro Trifocal Safety Package (Save 10%)

✔️ Ultimate Trifocal Safety Package


You can even Customize or Upgrade your trifocals at SafetyEyeglases with Anti-Fog, Lens Usage and Tint options. All you need to do:


  • Select safety frame of your choice
  • Click on "Add lens" option in Product Page
  • Select "Trifocal lens - ANSI Safety" Lens
  • Explore all Trifocal lense options that you wanna add on


SEG's suggested brands and products are:


3m - Pentax:













What minimum lens height is required for Trifocals?

The minimum Lens height for your trifocals should be 32mm. For comfort, SEG recommends 32mm or greater.


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