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Photochromic/Transition Safety Sunglasses

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Transition Safety Sunglasses - Wiley x & DVX | provides safety sunglasses with Transition/Photochromic lenses, darkens when exposed to UV rays and adequate high frequency light rays. Recover to being clear in absence of activating light. 


Wearer of Photochromic/Transition Safety sunglasses will be wearing regular Prescription safety glassses but as soon as he steps out into the sun, his Rx safety glasses will automatically turn into safety sunglasses.


This happens because of a chemical reaction that goes through the Photochromic/Transition lenses when exposed to light which causes them to darken in color and turn into safety sunglasses.


Being an Auhtorized dealer of Wiley x and DVX safety sunglasses, we come up with Photochromic/Transition lenses for our customers.


Multiple Benefits of Photochromic Safety Sunglasses:


  • The biggest benefit of Photochromic Safety Sunglasses is their ability to be convenient at all times. The convenience provided by these Safety Prescription Glasses make it easier for people to not forget their sunglasses out or worry about carrying two types of glasses all at once. They can just pack one and take it with them on the go.


  • Apart from convenience, Photochromic/transition Safety Sunglasses also offer high protection rate from UV rays. It absorbs the light which darkens the lens color but it also significantly protects your eyes from sunlight.


  • Photochromic safety sunglasses helps in reducing or decreasing the strain out on eyes when you step out into the sun after being in a dark environment for a long time.


  • They can change and readjust their level of darkness or their color depending on the amount of light you are exposed to.


Prescription Types that we offer Transition Lenses:


Here at SEG, we offer Photochromic/transition feature with any of your prescription type;


  • Photochromic Single Vision Lenses - ANSI Safety
  • Photochromic Bifocal Lenses - ANSI Safety 
  • Photochromic Trifocal Lenses - ANSI Safety 
  • Photochromic Progressive Lenses - ANSI Safety



Are Photochromic Sunglasses Worth Spending Money On?

The answer to that would be yes! There are a lot of benefits and a lot of conveniences that you would be bringing into your life if you purchase photochromic sunglasses. You wouldn’t have to worry about buying regular glasses as well as sunglasses ever again.

Are Photochromic Sunglasses Expensive?

As expected, these are going to be more useful than regular sunglasses or regular glasses. But the good thing is that they are not as expensive as one would imagine and still can be pretty affordable. Save up some money and go get your photochromic sunglasses as soon as possible!

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