Measuring Frame Size

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How to Measure Your Frame Size:


  1.     Grab your Debit or Credit card
  2.     Stand facing a mirror
  3.     Put the edge of the card at the midpoint of your nose, then touch the other side of your eye.
  4.     Check where your card stands:
  •      If your debit card goes past the nook of your eye, the size is small in this case.
  •      If your debit card approximately reaches the nook of your eye, the size is medium.
  •      If your card does not even touch the nook of your eye at all, the size is large.


Additional Information

Use our frame size guide to determine the size of your frames.


The Width of your lens & Frame Sizes

  •        Small: Under 48 mm
  •        Medium: Between 48 mm- 55 mm
  •        Large: Above 55 mm

 If you want further assistance sizing your glasses, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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