About Us



After the invention of the digital camera in 1996, Safetyeyeglasses’ parent company has been working to develop virtual try-on technologies for cosmetic purposes. Now, users can virtually try on frames. In 2012, the first Safety Eyewear Kiosk application was released, and now a thousand workers buy their safety glasses because of it. We are proud to have led the way in allowing a user to capture their photo with the help of the first mobile APPs. In addition, our virtual try-on allows customers to take measurements and then upload prescriptions to our website if they want to buy prescription safety glasses.


Extraordinary Value:

SafetyEyeGlasses is a full-service optical retailer, with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction, answers to all questions, and saves 50% on your safety glasses. Your order is shipped to you directly from the optical lab. Our digital measurement, virtual inventory, micro-overhead, and innovation allow us to produce extraordinary value for the coming generation of eyewear consumers.


Ultimate convenience:

A typical brick-and-mortar store cannot provide service 24/7. Traditional safety glasses retailers have to bear 100% cost of payroll, equipment, health insurance, expensive real estate, advertising, etc. We keep in touch with you 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our website has a wide range of selections, substantial discount prices, virtual try-on technology, 100% satisfaction, and is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. If you are willing to adopt the new and latest technology process, buy safety glasses through safetyeyeglasses.com. It is 100% risk-free.

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