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Shooting Glasses - Hunting Sunglasses | Wiley x & DVX is an Authorized Dealer of Wiley X and DVX - a top-rated brand for prescription protective eyewear and field Performance.

Being an Authorized dealer we offer shooting glasses & hunting sunglasses that provide clear vision for you to focus on your target with Prescriptionpolarized, and ANSI Z87.1+ features.

Features to look for Prescription Shooting Glasses:

The Field of vision changes dramatically during a thrilling shooting experience. From running around looking for cover to aiming your gun at a target, normal sunglasses can sometimes fall off the head. So, here are three main factors in looking for best shooting glasses;

  • Comfortable
  • Durability (shatter resistance and impact resistance)
  • ANSI Z87.1+

Variety of Lens Colors to Suit Shooting Sunglasses:

If your eyesight is weak, Hunting in the wild or firing at the Range, all you need to have is good prescription shooting sunglasses. Safety Eye Glasses offers best shooting glasses by the best field brand.

We offer prescription lenses with your shooting sunglasses for a wide range of lens usage. To explore and feel the best, go and select your prescription type:

  • Shooting Sunglasses - Single vision - ANSI Safety
  • Shooting Sunglasses - Bifocal - ANSI Safety
  • Shooting Sunglasses - Trifocal - ANSI Safety
  • Shooting Sunglasses - Progressive - ANSI Safety 

After selecting your prescription type you can customize it to your lens usage. To go with sunglasses, choose "Sunglasses" as usage and discover other features like:

  • Tint (Polarized sunglasses)
  • Lens Material (Polycarbonate/Premium Trivex)
  • Lens Protection
  • Extra Coatings


What are the Best Shooting Glasses and Hunting Sunglasses?

The best shooting and hunting sunglasses are Wiley X and DVX sunglasses. WILEY X VALORWILEY X GUARD ADVANCED, and DVX Mojave.

Is ordering from this website safe?

It is safe to order from this website as we have a large number of customer base who have never experienced any issues buying from Safety Eyeglasses.

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