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Rx Hunting Safety Sunglasses - Wiley X & DVX | SafetyEyeglasses

SafetyEyeglasses is one of the best Authorized providers of Wiley X and DVX Safety Sunglasses Frames for Hunting. Wiley X and DVX frames are perfect for spotting fowl and big Haunted in watery terrain, plains, mountains, and forests.

All Hunting Safety Sunglasses Frames We offer:

  • Shatterproof
  • ANSI Z87.1+
  • Protect the eye from high-speed projectiles
  • Comply with MIL-PRF-331012 standards

As hunting and shooting take place outdoors, our best hunting safety sunglasses come up with high-quality lenses that reduce glare and make hunters able to see clearly in the sunshine.

For hunting in medium light and contrast, vermilion or orange are widely recommended colors. Gray, meanwhile, is recommended to reduce glare and highlight natural colors.

Hunting Sunglasses with Prescription Provide Enhanced Clarity:

We offer frames with prescription lenses that help you to see the environment and target clearly while hunting.

  • For increasing contrast and making targets stand out in normal circumstances, yellow, amber, and orange are all good choices.
  • You can see well if the target is near trees or other greenery by using our blue or purple lenses glasses.
  • Depending on the location you are hunting, add-ons such as anti-fog or photochromic technology may be worth considering.

You can choose any prescription (Single vision, progressivebifocal, and trifocal) of your choice with those add-ons. All you need to select the frame and select Add lenses options to explore our safety lenses package and Customization option.

Thus, we have a large collection of sunglasses lenses for hunting that can dramatically reduce the glare when hunting near water or duck hunting.


When Can I Expect to Receive my Order?

It depends on where you are ordering from and on your order as well. If you’re from the USA, it might take less time than the other places.

Can I Order a Frame without the Lens?

Yes! You can get access to them through our ‘frames only’ section. For more info, contact now to talk to one of our customer support representatives.

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