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Buy DVX Sunglasses & DVX Glasses From Authorized Dealer

A great protective brand for your job or off-the-job, DVX offers sunglasses and safety glasses. The brand is manufactured by a reputable ANSI-rated company, Wiley X, Inc.

The Safety Eyeglasses Company is an authorized dealer of DVX and Wiley X Sunglasses & Safety Eyewear.

DVX Sunglasses & Safety Glasses Features:

  3. ANSI-rated production
  4. Lightweight and comfortable
  5. Polarized and non-polarized
  6. Rubberized nose bridge
  7. Temple tips

DVX Best for:

  1. Military forces
  2. Car racing superstars
  3. Bass fishing
  4. Outdoor Activities

Best Variety of Prescription with DVX:

These have thick side arms and curved temples as well. These also have a black colour, but they have been made more attractive by giving them a faded tone. Hence, there are numerous others that you will be able to find when you get into the DVX collection. Hence, you can shop for the best Prescription and protective glasses on our site easily without any hassle.




Prescription Lenses that Safety Eyeglasses Provide with DVX:

With your Selected DVX Sunglasses and DVX Safety Glasses, we will provide you dedicated lens according to your prescription types,

✔️ DVX - Single Vision Lenses - ANSI Safety

✔️ DVX - Bifocal lenses - ANSI Safety

✔️ DVX - Progressive Lenses - ANSI Safety

✔️ DVX - Trifocal Lenses - ANSI Safety

Along with prescription type, you can get tint options (Polarized/Photochromic) for your DVX sunglasses.



Do all of the glasses have a wrap-around shape?

Most of the glasses that you ponder upon of DVX will have a wrap-around shape as this offers the best protection for the eyes. However, there are other shapes as well.

What is the size chart for the glasses?

Luckily, these glasses are one size fits all. Therefore, you will not have to worry about them not fitting you.

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