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Safety Glasses

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Safety Glasses - Safety Eyewear & Protection | Safety Eyeglasses 


What are Safety Glasses?


"The Safety glasses are eyeglasses that are toughened or laminated so that it is less likely to break and splinter."


The safety glasses come up with toughened lenses for protecting the eyes while using power tools in Equipment industry or laboratory.


Our Safety glasses offer ANSI Z87.1 and Z87 approvable Eye Protection with high index Prescription (Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive) made of polycarbonate & Trivex lens materials, with peripheral coverage.


Features to Consider Safety Glasses in Equipment Industy:

Consider below features in Protecting the eyes when using power tools or industrial or laboratory equipment.


✔️ ANSI Approved

✔️ Don't Forget to attached Precription Lenses

✔️ Pheripheral Coverage


Best Lense Material for your Safety Glasses:

The best Lense material to used with your safety glasses are "Polycarbonate" - Exceptional impact resistance, durable and insubtential (light weight).


Here at SEG, we are providing Polycarbonate lenses for different Prescription Types for your prescription safety glasses like:


✔️ Single Vision 

✔️ Bifocal

✔️ Trifocal

✔️ Progressive


 Best Safety Brands for Protecting your Eyes:


🛒  🛒  🛒  🛒  🛒 



We Strive Hard to Provide You The Best Safety Glasses


SEG's ultimate goal is to offer our customers the best online shopping experience for safety glasses. We encourage you to browse our complete safety glasses collection. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect Z87 safety glasses



What is OSHA Standard for Safety Glasses?

Occupational Safety and Health Adminitration (OSHA) is a act of 1970, ensuring secure and healthful working place for workers by implementing standards. Its a part of US department of labor. Read OSHA Standards and laws for more info.

How much do safety glasses cost?

There are many factors that can affect the price of safety eyewear. Costs can be affected by the materials used to make the glasses. It can be started from $19, varies brand to brand. Like Pentax F9800 is just of $24.95.

What are the Cheapest Option available within Safety glasses at SEG?

There are many options with high quality frames like PENTAX F9900 ($18.55), PENTAX MOON DAWG ($14.59), PENTAX EAGLE ($19).

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