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What are the Options for Buying Eyeglasses Online?

It can be very overwhelming to shop for eyeglasses online. So here are our tips to make the process go smoothly for you.

Figure out your rim size.

Your rim size encompasses your eyes, nose pads, and frame size. Make sure your glasses stay on tightly when you move around and look up and down but aren’t too loose or tight.

Want to learn more? Our Rims Size Chart will help you find the correct Rim size.

Choose eyewear that flatters your face shape.

The best eyewear frames your facial details best.

For additional resources, use our Handbook of Face Details on our site.

Find glasses to match your personality

Your glasses should match your personality, style, and preference! Colors bring out the fun, and dark colors set a more subdued tone. Your glasses are a great way to showcase your individuality. Whether you want retro, sporty, professional, or traditional, SEG has all the options you’ll need!

Our virtual try-on allows you to test all options before purchasing.

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