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Rx Safety Sunglasses

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Prescription Safety Sunglasses - WileyX & DVX | SafetyEyeglasses


Our company offers the best ANSI-rated safety sunglasses from brands WileyX and DVX. Since we are an authorized dealer, we can add prescription lenses to your safety sunglasses.


Stylish frames with durable built: 


Safety Eyeglasses offers high-quality Rx Safety Sunglasses online at a fraction of the cost. Our extensive range of safety sunglasses offers 100% UV protection.


If you are looking to protect your eyes at driving, work and outdoor activities, then our comfortable safey sunglasses with polarized or photochromic lenses can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages.


Different Collection of Safety Sunglasses:


We have a wide selection of the hottest styles this year at affordable prices. Here are at SEG, we offers;



Sun exposure can be difficult in bright sunlight and uncomfortable glare. We at Safety Eyeglasses offer the best Safety sunglasses to make sure you will get the best pair of glasses to look well.


Prescriptions along with your Sunglasses:


We provide the best prescription lenses with your safety Sunglasses, Select the lens usage "Sunglasses" for any precription type;


✔️ Single vision lenses - ANSI Safety

✔️ Bifocal Lens - ANSI Safety 

✔️ Trifocal Lens - ANSI Safety 

✔️ Progressive Lens - ANSI Safety 


You can even add Lens Protection "Standard Anti-Scratch" with any tint Options;


✔️ Photochromic (Gray/Brown)

✔️ Polarized (Gray/Brown)

✔️ Transitions XTRActive-Gray




Are there any limitations to use these prescription sunglasses?

No, you can use these glasses anywhere you want while cycling, hunting or swimming on a sunny day.

Do these sunglasses follow ANSI standards?

Yes, most of our prescriptions sunglasses are ANSI Z87.1 certified and tested for high impact resistance.

Can we go for customized sunglasses for?

You can talk to our customer support representative to check if we can help you get the exact prescription sunglasses that you need.

Do you ship in all States of USA?

Yes, we offer service all over United States, however the time to deliver the product may vary.

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