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Anti Fog Safety Glasses | Anti Fog lens | Safety Eye Glasses

What are Anti Fog Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses have a special coating on the lens which prevents the condensation of water on the surface of the lens. This results in reducing fogging up while working and keeping the workers' eye vision clear.

How to add Anti Fog Lenses to Prescription Safety Glasses Anti Fog at SEG:

All you need to select the Prescription safety frame of high-quality brands and then select the “add lens” option on the product detail page. 

We are offering anti-fog lens features with all prescription types (single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive) in 2 lens safety packages (reasonable in price) along with other safety features and you can even customize it according to your choice.

Fog Proof Safety Glasses Lens Packages:

Non fogging Safety Slasses - Pro Safety Package:

✔️ Premium Anti-fog lenses

⭕ 1.59 high index Polycarbonate lens

✔️ Extra Clarity UV Protection 

⭕ Premium Anti Scratch

✔️ ANSI & Impact Rated

Fog-Free Safety Glasses - Ultimate Safety Package:

⭕ Premium Anti-fog lenses

✔️ 1.59 high-index Polycarbonate lens

⭕ Extra Clarity UV Protection 

✔️ Premium Anti Scratch

⭕ ANSI & Impact Rated

✔️ Premium Anti Reflective

At Safety Eyeglasses, Fog Proof ArmourxAnti fog 3m/Pentax, Fog Free DVX and Non Fogging Wiley x collection has been the best so far for no fog safety glasses, as we ensure our prescription safety glasses anti fog made of the best materials to give you the best experience.


Are we Using Anti-Fog Coating and What's a Disadvantage it Has?

Here at, we are providing anti-fog lenses without any coating. These lenses are specially made so, they never get fogged up. Anti-fog Coating on lenses may damage your prescription lenses, and even make the reflection worse.

Do We Provide Lenses with 2-in-1 Features?

Safety EyeGlasses provide lenses having multiple features with a single lens, like Anti-fog, Anti-reflect, anti-scratch, and UV Protection. Along with these features we keep our lenses ANSI z87.1+ and high Imapct resistant.

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