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Wiley X Safety Glasses

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Wiley x Prescription Safety Glasses & Sunglasses - Authorized Dealer | Safety Eyeglasses


Wiley X is founded by U.S Veteran:


Safety Eyeglasses Proud to be an "Authorized Dealer" of world’s best protective eyewear - Wiley x. Wiley's Prescription safety glasses and sunglasses are the best Protective eyewear brand for those that protect Us country.


Every Frame is designed to enhance your mission, at work, or in play. All WileyX Safety glasses made from Triloid Nylon are virtually indestructible and will last for years. 


SEG Offering best priced matched safety frames for Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS professionals.


It produces high-quality safety glasses and sunglasses for men, women and kids with exceptional lenses for Worksight and youth force activities.


Variety of Prescription Wiley X Products at SEG:



Polarized Sunglasses for 



SEG allows you to add your prescription and mix a wide variety of lenses, colors, tint options (Photochromic & Polarized), and coatings for a low price.


Wiley X has launched a new brand of quality Prescription Safety Sunglasses - DVX by WileyX


Prescription Type:


✔️ Single Vision - ANSI Safety 

✔️ Bifocal lenses - ANSI Safety 

✔️ Trifocal Lenses - ANSI Safety 

✔️ Progressive Lenses - ANSI Safety


Lens Usage:


✔️ Everyday Vision

✔️ Digital Eye Strain

✔️ Sunglasses Vision


Lens Material Upgrade: 


✔️ Plastic (CR39) Free

✔️ High Impact Polycarbonate

✔️ Premium Trivex


Lens Protection:


✔️ Standard Anti Scratch

✔️ Two side Anti-Scratch Extreme (1 Year Warranty)


Best WileyX Frames to Buy:








Are WileyX Safety glasses in Compliance With Safety Standards?

All WileyX performance glasses comply with safety standards. All models comply with or exceed the highest ANSI Z87.1 standards.

What makes WileyX unique?

WileyX glasses provide unbeatable protection, as well as a wide range of eyewear suitable for a wide variety of activities. These glasses provide protection even in harsh conditions thanks to their rugged design.

Are WileyX safety glasses Polarized?

Yes, many Wiley X safety glasses models can be ordered with polarized lenses.

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