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Military Sunglasses - Wiley x & DVX | Military Issued Sunglasses 

Safety Eyeglasses offers military sunglasses for the USA Army safety of military sunglasses brands - Wiley x & DVX. Being an Authorized Dealer, we offer military-issued sunglasses Protective safety sunglasses (ANSI Rated) with style.

Our Wiley x & DVX Protective Safety Sunglasses for the military are precisely designed, precisely crafted, and rigorously tested.

Wiley X and DVX lenses and military aviator sunglasses frames are extremely impact-resistant. Take a look at our shooting sunglasses. All our ballistic eyewear complies with the;

  • MIL-PRF 31013 standards
  • Capable of resisting a projectile with 0.15 caliber traveling at 640 fps
  • have an 8-base curve frame
  • MIL-PRF32432 ballistic standards

Hence, for the complete personal safety of military personnel, our Wiley X and DVX military-style sunglasses are the best options.


Is there Any Risk Involved in Buying Military Sunglasses Online?

Not at all, you will receive your Military Sunglasses in the best condition without any damage as our packaging and mode of transport are very safe for all our products.

Can I Cancel the Order Before Receiving my Glasses?

It depends on the time you wish to cancel the order; you have to talk to our customer support representative in case of order cancellation.

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