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Privacy Policy


The policies are valid for this website produced and sustained by Cyber Imaging Systems and powered by We have recognized the security and privacy policy to summarize the personal information collected during visitors to our websites.


Generally, we collect all personal information due to four reasons.


  1. Enhance your experience on the website
  2. Process your order
  3. Maintain up-to-date regarding eyeglasses products
  4. To learn about vision issues


What information do we gather and store?

We don’t trade, sell, rent, or give away your personal information about any company outside of our own. We ask only for information that we need to manufacture and deliver safety glasses to you.


Personal information:

We store and collect information entered into this website or provided by our customer’s service group, email, or live chat. For example, you get to register on the site for an order, we save your name and billing address, shipping address, telephone number, email address, photo, and eyeglasses prescription.


We use all stored information in the manufacturer of the eyewear that you have ordered. We use these for the process and the shipping order after sending the order and shipping confirmation. Besides, we provide your information to the customer service functions. Some of the information may use to contact about special offers, new products, and new site’s features unless you get an option to receive promotional communications.


Anonymous information:

When using websites, certain information is collected that is not recognized individually. Generally, all this collected information comes through traffic data. We automatically store and collect information as you get interaction with this website.


For example, your IP address, reference site domain name, and browser information whenever you visit our site. In addition, we gather customer traffic patterns and site usage. This information is used to improve and analyze this site and provide the best shopping experience to our customers.


Use of cookies and spyware:

We never install spyware on your digital device or spyware to save information on your computer. Like other websites, we use cookies that are the files stored on your computer’s hard drive when you browse it. Cookies help us to recognize account holders to enhance the shopping experience. Cookies also allow us to manage selection in a shopping cart as users leave this site without checking out. We suggest that you leave cookies turned on to provide you with a better experience in shopping on this site.


We may collect and store information through other sources. This information allows us to update information checked in our database to offer product endorsements and special offers. And then send you email notices about shopping breaks. In addition, we get third-party services to track and evaluate non-personally distinguishable information about our viewers and customers. Such information is used to progress our site and even design for technical enhancements.



We pull together the email addresses of all consumers who subscribe to our weekly newsletter. If you would like to cancel this newsletter, click the "Unsubscribe" at any time. The instructions are located within each newsletter.


How do I update and access my information?

As you register, you will create your USERNAME link. It will always be available at the top of the website pages.  You can edit shipping, your billing, login information, email preferences, and password settings through this link.


How does safetyeyeglasses ensure my information is secure?

Our site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your online order information security. It is the same technology that Amazon and many more trusted companies use.

To check the safety of your connection, view the address bar of your browser window after retrieving the server. If you find an unbroken key or a closed lock, SSL is active, and the server is protected. Next, double-check and re-enter the URL line of your browser. When evaluating a secure server, the first characters of the site address will convert from "http://" to "https://".


If you have any questions about privacy policy, you may contact us via:


Phone: 888-449-9540 (toll-free)

Mail: 8300 Falls of Neuse Road, Ste 110 Raleigh NC 27615 

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