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Transition safety glasses

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Transition Safety Glasses| Safety Eyeglasses


Transition Safety Glasses:


Safety glasses with transition lenses are those Prescription safety glasses which use “Photochromic lenses”, which darken on the exposure of specific light of sufficient intensity (Uv rays). 


Due to Transitions Optical's status as the most popular brand of photochromic lenses in the United States, these lenses are also called transition lenses.


Whenever you are indoors or outside at night, they become clear safety glasses, and when it is sunny, they become safety sunglasses.


So, Safety glasses with Transition lenses are photochromic safety glasses.



Polarized Vs Transition Lenses:


Polarized safety glasses with readers are mainly use to provide the superior glare protection, especially on water. (i.e, reduce irritation to your eyes from reflection off water or wet roads).


Whereas, safety glasses transition lenses provide all solution in one lense (Glare protection, Uv protection, clear to darken once expose to Uv rays).


Brands to look for Transition Prescription Safety Glasses:





What Photochromic Tint effects SEG offering?

Safety Eyeglasses (SEG), offering photochromic lenses with Brown and Gray colours. Photochromic-Brown, Photochromic-Gray and Transitions XTRActive-Gray.

Can i Customize Prescription safety glasses with transition lenses?

Yes, Safety Eye Glasses offer you to cusromize your safety glasses with any prescription type, lense usage, lens material upgrades, lense protection and tint options. Just select the frame and Go to "Add lens" option and explore.

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