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Safety Glasses with Single vision lenses

Safety Glasses with Single vision lenses


Single-vision lenses are best for the correction of single-vision distance. Generally, these lenses are worn by people with near- and far-sightedness problems. Technically, single-vision lenses offer the same vision on the entire lens surface. It means they are designed for eye wearers to see clearly individually near or far distances, not simultaneously both.

What are Single Vision Lenses?

Single-vision lenses are not new in the field of safety eyewear and safety eyeglasses. These are one of the most prescribed lenses and are really beneficial for many conditions. The name of these lenses reflects their working as single vision means these lenses have the same power throughout the lens. While on the other hand, progressive and bifocal lenses have varying powers throughout the lenses. Single-vision lenses have become an essential part of safety glasses because they work best together. But first, we should know more about single-vision lenses and for which conditions they are perfect:

Who Should Wear Single-Vision Lenses?

Single-vision lenses are perfect for people having the following eye conditions:




Nearsightedness is also known as myopia. It is a common vision disorder. It is typically diagnosed before the age of 20. Myopia can affect your distance vision. Myopia can make it difficult to see distant objects, like road signs or grocery aisle markers. 



Hyperopia or farsightedness affects between 5% and 10% of Americans. Farsighted people can see distant objects but have difficulty focusing on the details. Some people may experience blurry vision, headaches, or squinting a lot. A simple, painless exam can be done by an eye specialist to determine if you need glasses, contact lenses, or surgery like LASIK. 



Astigmatism is a common condition that blurs vision in the eyes. Contact lenses and eyeglasses are often used to correct astigmatism. Laser surgery is also an option. If you have astigmatism symptoms, or any other vision problems, talk to your doctor. 




Are you noticing that your phone is closer to your face than you would like? Do you find yourself focusing on the text instead of looking at it? Are you having trouble doing up-close tasks like applying eye makeup? Presbyopia is a loss of near-focusing ability that can occur in those who have just turned 40. 


Hence, all these conditions can be corrected with the use of single-vision lenses. But when these lenses are combined with safety glasses, they work well. They not only correct eye diseases but also keep eyes safe from further damage and diseases. These safety glasses with single vision lenses protect eyes from blue light and harmful UV radiations while curing all the above-mentioned conditions.


Is Single Vision better than Progressive Lenses?


One vision lenses are for one focal length. Progressive lenses can correct distance, reading, and all other aspects. Although safety glasses with progressive lenses can be more expensive than single vision, they will usually cost less long-term than buying multiple pairs of single vision glasses. 

Currently, single vision lenses are most commonly used. About 64% of adults in America wear glasses or will require glasses in the near future. Nearsightedness and farsightedness are the most common vision impairments in adults between 20 & 29 years of age. These lenses can improve reading skills and help people see distant objects clearly. Most adults can be seen with this type of lens. 


Do I need a Single Vision or Bifocal Lens?


Single vision lenses can be used to sharpen the focus on distant or nearby images. They cannot sharpen your vision for either one or the other. Bifocal lenses improve your vision for distant and near images. A monovision lens is one that corrects vision at a single focal length. This means the lenses have equal power.


bifocal lens is on the other side and corrects your vision for two focal lengths. So, it totally depends on what type of issues you want to correct with the help of these lenses. Ultimately, single vision lenses are best to cure myopia, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Are Single Vision Lenses for reading?


Single vision glasses are also used to improve and correct nearsightedness issues. So, if someone is facing the issue of myopia and cater so many problems while reading from a computer or a book, single vision lenses are an optimum choice for them.

Are Single Vision better for Driving?


Single vision lenses are suitable for activities that require you to see further away. They can also be used when you need to see closer than your face, such as reading or working on a computer. This lens works well when it is correcting a single distance. Therefore, these lenses can be used while driving. Combine them with safety glasses, and they will work best for you even if you need them for driving purposes or any other task that requires you to see far.


What Single Vision options SafetyEyeglasses (SEG) provide? 


The combination of safety glasses with single vision lenses is the best way to cure many eye conditions while protecting the eyes from the hazardous effects of blue light and UV radiation. We at Safety Eye Glasses provide you with an amazing range of safety eyeglasses and single vision options that you can combine as per your prescriptions. For example, you can select our Basic single vision lens package which includes:


“Polycarbonate Lens Material” along with


  • ANSI & impact rated

  • Uv Protection

  • Anti Scratch 


You can save up to 5% upon selection of this package. This one is for minimal needs but if you want some extra perks than you can go for our Pro single vision Lens package that is consists of: 


“Polycarbonate Lens Material” along with 


  • ANSI & impact rated

  • Extra clarity Uv protection

  • Premium Anti Scratch

  • Premium Anti Fog


You can Avail up to 10% discount on this package. We care for our customers and we give attention to everyone’s need. Therefore, we also have an Ultimate Single vision lens package that is our most premium option for customers looking for all the perks. This package includes:


“Polycarbonate Lens Material” along with


  • ANSI & Impact Rated

  • Extra Uv Protection Clarity

  • Premium Anti Scratch

  • Premium Anti Fog

  • Premium Anti Reflective


We also give you choice to customize or upgrade your single vision lenses for further enhancement with: 


  • Anti Fog

  • Tint options

  • Lens Material Upgrade (Plastic CR39, High impact Polycarbonate, Premium Trivex)

  • Lens Usage (Everyday single Vision, Digital Eyestrain single vision, Sunglasses single vision)


SEG is preferred by thousands of customers because of the premium quality of lenses. Our single vision lenses and ANSI rated and impact resistant. They have scratch resistant coating as well to make them work for a long time. 


What Material is used for Single Vision?


Single vision lenses can be made from polycarbonate material at SafetyEyeglasses.com. This material is ANSI & impact rated and provides extra UV protection clarity.


These lenses comes up with premium anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings to enhance their vision protection and clearance. You can even customize or upgrade your single vision lenses with lens material upgrades like Plastic CR39, high impact polycarbonate, and premium Trivex.


These lenses can also be enhanced with a variety of usage upgrades like everyday single vision, digital eyestrain single vision, and sunglasses single vision.


From where to Get and how much will it cost?


Buying the best prescription safety eyewear from us is beyond safety standards. We offer a convenient online shopping experience to aid you in purchasing perfect-fit safety glasses. You can access safety single-vision lenses in the same way as you simply expect from us.


We are the creator of the most stylish and high-quality safety lenses for multiple prescriptions. 


Besides, we design our eyewear collection with superior lens materials like trivex, high-index, and polycarbonate lenses. Plus, increase safety, styles, and comfort with photochromic and mirror-coating safety eyeglasses. You can get the best ANSI-rated and impact resistance single vision lenses and safety glasses here at Safetyeyeglasses.com at 20% off exclusive sale.


We are not like other brands that are just working on basic things, instead we are one of the most accomplished online seller of eyeglasses that strive hard to provide maximum value to the customers. Unlike others, you can order with ease and get quick shipping. We always come up with speciality discount offers and sales campaigns that help you purchase glasses at a fraction of cost.  


Single vision lenses are the most affordable and have the shortest adjustment period. While the cost of single vision lenses can vary widely, it typically ranges between $5-$500, and the most affordable ones range from $15-$100. Although they are more affordable for people with limited vision impairment, over-the-counter reading glasses can offer clearer images than purpose-made lenses. A prescription is required depending on the degree of impairment. Buying single vision lenses without a prescription can further damage the eyes, so be careful when purchasing them.  


Safety comes with 100% visibility through precise vision lenses. Thus, we have safety glasses that combine protection and attractive design. Start by choosing safety frames regarding the environment so that you can see clearly and stay safe. Furthermore, we have a magnificent range of prescription safety glasses that you can shop at affordable prices and protect your eyes from damage. After all, eye care is necessary, and we know how to provide you best products for this task. 



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