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SafetyEyeGlasses (SEG) is a leading protective glasses online store. Our goal is to provide our customers with affordable, high-quality prescription safety glasses, Rx safety sunglasses, prescription tactical glasses, performance eyewear, with heigh quality lenses. Our protetive eyewear or work glasses offer ANSI Z87.1 and Z87 approvable eye protection with high index prescription lenses (Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive) made of polycarbonate & Trivex lens materials, with side shield. We provide the best prescription safety glasses available in the market. Our premium safety brands include Wiley X, Paentax, Armourx, Ongurad, Guardian, DVX, Hilco, Dudson, Arcraft, and much more.

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Progressive Safety Glasses

Progressive safety glasses offer a three-in-one solution for blurred and distorted vision, addressing issues with a single lens covering Distance, Intermediate, and Reading vision ranges.

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Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Anti-fog safety glasses ensure clear vision in challenging conditions, preventing fogging. Ideal for various environments, providing reliable protection and visibility for enhanced safety during tasks.

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Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses offer dual-vision clarity for optimal workplace safety. With a single lens, they provide a clear vision for both close-up tasks and distant views, enhancing overall workplace efficiency.

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Customer Reviews

SafetyEyeGlasses exceeded my expectations! The fit is comfortable, and the lenses are crystal clear. Great purchase for workplace safety."

Dennis Thomson

Impressed with the durability of SEG safety glasses. Stylish and protective – exactly what I needed. Highly recommend for any job site.

Joseph Parker

SEG's customer service is top-notch. The representative helped me find the perfect safety glasses for my needs. Quality product and excellent support.

Elizabith Richie

SafetyEyeGlasses offers a wide selection. I found the perfect pair with the right level of protection. Fast shipping and excellent quality. Very satisfied!

Daniel Xavier

Comfortable and stylish! SEG's safety glasses are a game-changer. I wear them all day without any discomfort. A must-have for anyone prioritizing eye safety.

Emma Smith

SEG's safety glasses are unbeatable in terms of quality and affordability. I've tried other brands, but these stand out for their durability and clear vision. Highly recommended!

Sarah Clark

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