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Top 10 Safety Glasses Brands in the USA

Top 10 Safety Glasses Brands in the USA


Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent


Perhaps you are working in a hazardous workplace, and the eyes are a significant organ of your body. Eyes are vulnerable because you need high accuracy in vision while operating machines for metal and wood, or getting experience with power tools. Many workplaces have several tools in different shapes or cuts, and some are too small. These tiny particles can cause many issues even, including permanent vision loss.


So, to prevent this situation, you should always prepare with good protection mean safety glasses. These protective eyeglasses are designed for specific workplaces. Although, there are many brands manufacturing safety eyewear. Therefore, it is almost challenging to choose the appropriate option. But before going to pick the right pair of protective eyewear, make sure you have to check the following features.


UV protection is the standard feature, and it is found almost in most pairs. These safety features protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. If you face a lot of bright light, you must pay close attention to this protocol for safe eyewear. Most safety eyewear offers 90% safety against UV rays, and few options come with higher protection.


Comfort is another significant feature that you should consider. Well, protective eyewear is a little heavier and bulkier than standard glasses. Therefore, you need to determine the weight with which you are comfortable. Besides, the comfort level of every pair of safety eyewear could be different for every brand.


Peripheral coverage is also a significant feature. However, all safety glasses protect the front portion of the eyes. But you need to care about peripheral coverage as well. Therefore, some small particles can enter from the open side of the glasses and hurt the eyes. So, peripheral coverage is critical.


They are presenting the best safety brands in the market. The best thing is that they are manufacturing safe eyewear that offers maximum safety with few fancy features.


  1. WileyX
  2. Pentax
  3. OnGuard
  4. Guardian
  5. ArmourX
  6. Artcraft
  7. Hudson
  8. DVX Eyewear




Miles Freeman was the founder of the Wileyx brand in 1987. His main objective is to provide high-end safety glasses to men and women. These specific design safety eyeglasses are for those people who have a risky environment around them, particularly those who defend the country. But they have extended their safety for other hazardous professions as well. With a high-end lens application, Wiley X offers optimum protection to the eyes. 



Shop WILEYX Safety Glasses



No doubt, Pentax is the most trustable brand in the world regarding prescription glasses. However, the brand originated in 1919, but it got good fame very soon. The brand has the most advanced technology. Due to the remarkable design of safety goggles and glasses, Pentax is a top brand. They are manufacturing top-quality products. Therefore, workers feel more confident because of clear vision. Besides, the users trust eye protection because of advanced lens treatments and different coatings.




Shop Pentax Safety Glasses


3- OnGuard:


OnGuard has the best industrial protective eyeglasses with a stylish design. It provides precise Rx safety glasses collection in the eyewear industry. Therefore, those users who use corrective error issues can use different styles confidently because they trust this safety brand. 





Shop Onguard Safety Glasses





Do you believe in a myth that cannot look attractive in protective glasses? Guardian safety eyewear is the answer to this question. These safety spectacles are engineered to design eyewear with optimum safety with fashionable, durable, and comfortable frames. The fashion-forward style and top-quality manufacturing make them the paramount option among others. So, be safe with a clear vision and look gorgeous. Surprisingly, all safety glasses provide UV400 safety.




Shop Guardian Safety Glasses




Another popular safety brand is ArmourX. The brand redefines safety specs and designs goggles with the best amalgamation of safety and style. Besides, the main objective of this brand is to offer affordable eyewear with a wide range of styles and shades that can easily match almost all users’ styles. Most safety glasses of the ArmourX brand come with head straps, do not only give appropriate fitting but high-level comfort as well. 




Shop Armourx Safety Glasses





The Artcraft safety brands include metal and plastic material frames for adults with bold colors, the latest style, proven sizes, and quality materials. This USA workforce has a vast collection of safety eyewear, and they are continuously producing a new line of action regarding eye protection. Besides, there are side shields also available as additional safety. Furthermore, the prescription protective glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety-rated standard.




Shop Artcraft Safety Glasses




Hudson Optical has been a leading competitor in stylish prescription protective glasses for a few decades. But now, they are paying 100% attention to protective spectacles and goggles. Besides, this brand is also America's best producer of prescription protective glasses. The Hudson brand is known for the foundation of spring-hinged safety eyewear and side shields without screws. So, they are the representative of the future protective glasses.





Shop Hudson Safety Glasses



Buying Guide for Choosing Quality Pair of Safety Glasses:


You are aware of the best safety brands in the eyewear market of the United States from where you can purchase quality protective eyewear. But you might notice that fewer features are critical than others. For personal presentation, buy quality features safety glasses against hazardous work settings. So, making the choosing process simple because there is a helpful guide.


Surprisingly, this guide will deliver helpful information about the features of safety glasses. Besides, these features are critical for specific applications. After reading the complete buying guide, you will feel more confident about your selection.  So, there are a few essential things to keep in mind while purchasing safety glasses.


Impact Resistance:


Impact resistance is the key feature that needs to be considered. Generally, polycarbonate is the best material for the manufacturing of safety glasses. Polycarbonate material is more durable and impact-resistant than ordinary plastic material. Besides, this material cannot break easily and doesn’t scratch easily. While working with machinery or heavy tools, they can fail at any time and can lead to unexpected injuries. The work tool can become out of control and bounce off in various directions. In these situations, keep eyes secure with the best protection because they are appreciated assets.


UV Protection and Scratch-Resistance Features:


Well, protective eyewear tolerates different kinds of hazardous environments. Therefore, some damage from accidental cracks or scratches can take place at any time. So, be ready for all types of dangerous situations, and lenses can get high scratches. So, apply an anti-scratch coating to keep the lenses clear and scratch-free for a good period. 


UV protection is also an important feature that needs primary consideration. All eyeglasses need 100% UV protection to avoid eye strain. For dust resistance, your safety glasses should make a perfect seal between your skin and eyeglasses. So that you can get protection from annoying dust issues or anything else.


Safety Rating:


The safety rating of safety eyewear lenses must be remembered. Keep remembering these standards have different terms and conditions regarding the protection and durability of the lenses. And most essential safety standards are ANSI Z87.1, OSHA, and ANSI Z87. High-standard lenses are the guarantee of durability that can be used for various applications.




Fit and comfortability are not forgettable. High-quality safety spectacles are useless if they do have not a comfortable grip. Besides, you cannot perform any work with high efficiency without a comfortable grip. However, the comfort lies in the style of eyeglasses and their other outer frame structure. Never forget these features because tight or loose-fitted eyewear cannot be worn for a long time.


The protective eyewear requires a perfect fit to avoid falls while operating any application. Adjustable straps or headbands worn with protective glasses to adjust in which you are comfortable with the right fit.


Safety glasses have paramount importance for dangerous workouts and even for DIY projects. While operating any project, ensure your eyes have appropriate safety to avoid unexpected incidents.


What Should You Do When Safety Eyewear Is Not Enough Safe?


The simple answer is safety goggles. Although, there are numerous causes to use protective glasses because they shield your eyes from impact dangerous like debris and flying particles. They provide quality safety against annoying glare and ultraviolet rays, particularly when they have appropriate tints.


People generally don’t hesitate to use safety glasses because they are lightweight and fashionable enough safe for any condition. So, when you need minimum eye safety, protective glasses are the perfect deal.


But unluckily, there are few other threats apart from impact particles and ultraviolet rays, when safety eyewear is not enough to use for those places. But few things that require impact protection mean safety goggles rather than eyeglasses.


  • Dust
  • Airborne viruses
  • Smoke and heat
  • Metal grindings
  • Chemical splashes and hot liquids


Protective goggles can successfully stand against these risks. The reason behind wearing safety goggles covering the wide eye area is like a protective barrier.

Well, a quality pair of protective goggles is crafted with extra safety features like rubber padding. The rubber padding offers a complete seal between skin and goggles and keeps your eyes away from hazards. Besides, an elastic headband is the finest feature of the goggles that tightly fit around your head. They ensure that there is no gap left to allow any hazards to enter your eyes because they have the best protective barrier.


Besides, protective goggles have extra space to cover more eye areas. They are designed with dually injected material. Therefore, safety goggles have more mass than protective eyewear. They are a little heavier, but their extra space allows you to comfortably fit over standard prescription glasses.


How do Safety Goggles Defend Your Health?


Therefore, it is true that the primary advantage of safety goggles is to shield the complete eye area with quality material. But what thing is used against these barriers? Let's cursory look at a few essential components.


Impact resistance is the primary feature of safe eyewear. Protective goggles block foreign particles from entering into eyes or any other soft eye tissues. The impact power lenses are planned with durable materials like polycarbonate. Besides, the lenses joined with the safety frames are the models of dually injected thermoplastic. These impact materials have high resistance against heat, caustic chemicals, and some other hazards that come in the category.


Ultraviolet rays are superb for a tan but dangerous for long-term exposures. Sun exposure is generally risky for the eyes because UV rays can lead to cancer, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Protective goggles use polycarbonate lenses that have by default UV rays filters. But many eyewear makers go one step ahead, which strains out a specific portion of ultraviolet rays.


Search for the UV400nm because it shows that lenses can block 100% UV rays. For the longevity of the lenses, they `are coated with specific applications. Keep remembering standard plain plastic can block less ultraviolet light than polycarbonate material. Never skip this step while buying safety glasses.


What about the durability of the Safety Eyewear?


Perhaps, you might be tempted to buy cheap protective glasses that can be wasted after the job is done. But it is not a cost-effective way for the future. In the olden days, it was ok because the material was not in progressed condition. But now science has brought more progress, and you might get many services from even inexpensive goggles.


But it doesn’t mean buying cheap goggles because poor-quality lenses and frames cannot work long. They can easily break or scratch while operating impact work. Therefore, it is critically important to buy protective goggles with an anti-scratch coating. They don’t only increase the lifespan of the lenses but provide you unhindered visibility without straining your eyes.


Besides, you may be required to choose protective goggles that are rigid in their shape. It is a better idea to ask about the rate of thermic capacity. Of course, you need safety goggles not to wrap in the hot days.


Never ignore warranties because some manufacturers provide you some time to return goggles if find defects in the product. Make sure the protective eyewear is affordable. But if there is any manufacturing defect, the investment could be useless. Search out a reputable brand.




How to Get the Best Safety Glasses?


Explore a vast collection of protective glasses with the safety standard of ANSI Z87.1 and a ready-made prescription for eye protection. Make sure the chosen frames offer high-level protection according to nature.


What does mean by ANSI Z87.1?


For eye protection with Z87.1, safety standard is regulated through ANSI shows that designed safety eyewear and goggles are for eye protection. Apart from impact, protective glasses also meet the safety standards used against dust, optical energy, and chemical splashes. Make sure choosing protective glasses offers sufficient protection from impact hazards.


How to Tell Safety Glasses Are Safety Rated?


All safety eyewear and goggles have ANSI Z87.1 safety standards showing the specialty of the protective product description. Therefore, safety eyewear frames have marked letters or symbols to indicate the kinds of protection. Besides, plus sign design for impact safety. There are many numbers and letters also used to recognize different protection levels. 


Do you require High-impact Eye Safety?


People who work in high-impact safety hazard environments should wear safety eyewear with the top safety rating. Eyeglasses with high-impact lenses can resist a 1.1-pound sharp projectile falling from the head side. These high-velocity tests are designed for impact hazards.


How to Order Prescription Safety Glasses?


Always use ANSI Z87.1-rated Rx safety eyewear for impact work. Such sorts of safety glasses offer basic and high-impact protection. For vision correction, get safety goggles and eyeglasses with accurate prescription lenses.


There are several impact safety glasses on sale. Check their safety certification before ordering them if you wish to use them for the hazardous worksite. It is critical to OSHA certification or other safety regulations when choosing a quality pair of protective glasses.




Whether you have a hazardous working environment or have risky hobbies, safety glasses are a critical tool for eye protection. Shopping for a quality pair of protective glasses will defend your eyes and save your vision as well. If you buy the exact safety pair, it will help you remove obstacles and discomfort from your eyesight. A perfect pair of safety glasses will protect your eyes from injuries and even keep you away from dangerous debris. So, they could shield your eyes as protectively as possible.


Finding the perfect pair of protective eyewear is challenging, particularly when you choose the best among many safety brands. Then, you might be tempted to buy an old frame of rigid plastic and use it for risky job places. But keep remembering the certified safety standard, and you must follow it for eye defense.


Submissive models offer you meaningful safety against high threats like chemical splashes, UV radiation, debris, and dust. Well, if still, you are still nervous about any specific feature you need for your safety eyewear, bookmark the above guidelines for choosing a quality safety pair.


Finding out one safety brand for your work nature is challenging. Therefore, the above search is for you. Besides, showing up top 10 safety brands means one brand is for you according to your approach and the threatening environment of your workplace.


Eye injuries are unluckily common in a hazardous workplace. So, users who experienced eye injuries didn’t use appropriate safety for their eyes. Now, safety spectacles are too stylish and can be used anytime while keeping your set of eyes secure.


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