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Protective glasses

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Protective glasses

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Shop Protective Glasses for Men & Women


Check out our wide eyeglasses collection that is cheap and provides the utmost protection to the eyes. We have designed all of the eyeglasses and sunglasses with much comfort so that you can wear them for a long time. We have some comfortable frames like ARMOURX 6002 and ARMOURX 6005 that have a thick frame design. You can choose other glasses as per your choices as every frame is made in amazing styles.


We Use the Best Materials


We don't compromise on the material as we have the best material from stainless steel like ARMOURX E2500 to plastic material like ASTRO UVEX 3003. You can wear these glasses for as long as you want without worrying about their breakage. The material is perfect as well as every design has a unique appearance. We have a wide range of side protection on the glasses like ARTCRAFT WF831SS and many others in different styles. Moreover, we have sportswear eyeglasses for you that are a perfect fit for your sports routine.


Choose Your Desired Glasses


We have a massive variety of amazing color combinations for our eyeglasses and sunglasses. You can choose your favorite protective glasses in different colors like ONGUARD OG240S and even transparent glasses like ONGUARD OG255S. Moreover, if you are into colored lenses of sunglasses, then we have a huge collection of that too. You can go for WILEYX COMPASS and WILEYX GRID for a perfect match when going to the beach.


If you are confused about getting a perfect fit of glasses for yourself, then you can consult with our expert optician who will guide you regarding your choice.



What Are Other Distinct Features of Your Protective Glasses?

Most eyeglasses have an elastic guard around the temples that will prevent them from dropping during any activity.

What Kinds of Shapes Are Available Here?

We have multiple kinds of shapes regarding our glasses like square, rectangular, and oval.

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