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Top OSHA Workplace Violations - Eyes and Face

Top OSHA Workplace Violations - Eyes and Face

Numerous incidents have taken place in the past which is why now, most companies give their workers safety eyewear. One of the major incidents that took place was in 2019 when 5333 workers died due to on-job injuries. This was the highest number of workers after the 2007 incident. Hence, this is why now OSHA collected information and released its list of top 10 violations. All of these provide a good insight into the safety issues and how to maintain them perfectly.

It also has good in-depth details about the safety violations that can cause harm, injuries as well as deaths mainly on construction sites and general jobs in the industry. This is done mainly every year as OSHA releases the violations so that it can reach a big population and create awareness of dangers and also prevent those things from happening. Therefore, it is important that every company and industry has the violation list with them and instruct their workers and ensure they are doing things properly and correctly. Here are the main hazards you should consider:


Dust particles

Working on a construction site or in any industry can be twice as dangerous if you do not have protective glasses. The eyes are the most important element of the body and without things, some things are impossible. In an industrial or construction site, it is common that there will be some dust particles that will get into your eye. This is something that most workers will not worry about but, it can cause some serious damage. By having numerous dust particles going into your eye, it will get irritated.

Not just that but because the eyes are a sensitive part of the body, they can get infected easily. Eye infection is the last thing you would want to have because it can keep on growing. When there is an eye infection, it gets harder to work because your eye will swell up and it will keep watering. Therefore, to ensure that your eyes are protected from all the dust particles, you must keep wearing your safety glasses. This will do much more than just protect your eyes from dust particles.



When working in an industry, you are going to come in contact with some chemicals either directly or indirectly. You can either be working with some chemicals by hand or you will be in direct contact with the chemical. This is where the first thing you need to ensure is gloves and eye protection. Almost all chemicals are harmful and they will surely harm your eyes even if one tiny drop goes into them. There are chances of you looking at your sight if any dangerous chemical comes in contact with your eye.

Even if you are not working directly with chemicals, there are still fumes of some chemicals that are dangerous to inhale as well. Therefore, even if you are far away from chemicals, you can avoid the harmful gasses entering your eyes and irritating them. There are some gasses that if they touch your eye, will cause a burning sensation. Therefore, this will also cause harm to your eyes which is why safety eyewear is needed at all times. A huge percentage of eye injuries are mainly caused by direct contact with chemical substances. These damages cause serious harm and they are difficult to overcome later.



Workers have to work no matter what the temperature is like outside. During summer, the heat is scorching and it is quick to cause eye problems. Usually, at a temperature of 37 to 40 degrees Celsius, there is high UV radiation and this is extremely harmful to the eyes. This radiation is quick to make your eyes go weak and also creates some black spots while trying to look clearly. Not only that but, it also can cause blindness for some minutes. Therefore, to ensure that your eyes are best protected in heat, you need to have the best eye safety equipment.

Most people tend to think that winters don’t do much harm to your eyes but that is wrong as well. In some places, if you keep your eyes out in the open then the cold breezes can cause you to have watery eyes. The cold breeze will give you a burning sensation and you will keep blinking your eyes. Some places have severe cold winters and that leads to freezing their eyelashes. Hence, no matter what the temperature is, you need to ensure you are wearing protective eyewear throughout the day.


Big Tools and Items

It is a natural thing to make mistakes when working in an industrial or a construction site. There are numerous tools that you come in contact with and need to know how to learn them the right way. Therefore, there are chances that any flying objects hit your eye or the tool that you are using. Usually, in these places, the tools used are big and they are heavy as well. So if it comes in contact with your eye then there are chances of you hurting your eye badly.  

You should always be aware of your surroundings and know how to correctly use the tool. However, you should also make sure you are wearing the proper attire as well as protective glasses. When surrounded by an area filled with harmful things, it is always best to keep your eye's sake first. Numerous workers are also allowed to wear face shields that cover their entire face so that no harm is done.


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Obtain the Finest Eye Safety Glasses 

There are thousands of different sets of safety glasses you can choose from. However, when it comes to protecting your eyes the best, you should look into one that has a wrap-around frame. A wrap-around frame is where the glasses are made in such a way that the sides of the eyes are covered as well. These will be your best friend because you will not have to worry about your side eyes not being covered and exposed to harm. Moreover, some types of frames come with attachable side shields.




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However, the downside of that is you may lose them quickly. This is why it is better to have wrap-around-shaped glasses. You will not have to worry about attaching its side armor whenever you need to wear it. Moreover, glasses that have this shape are more durable and strong. When you are working in a construction field it is important to rely on your safety equipment. Hence, you need to ensure that you are getting one that is strong and durable so that it can protect your eyes and also last you for a longer period.

The Difference Between Goggles and Safety Glasses 

A lot of people don’t know the differences between these two and proceed to think that they are the same. However, there are just some differences between safety goggles and safety glasses. Googles have a less comforting fit to their whereas, safety glasses are more comfortable to wear. Therefore, if you are a worker then you should surely go for safety glasses for comfort. That is because you will be wearing it the whole day. Another difference is that safety glasses have a snug fit and goggles have a tight fit.




However, some stores allow you to customize the size of the glasses. Hence, if you want a tight fit then you can tell the shopkeeper and they will make those adjustments for you. Furthermore, there are not many differences besides these. Both of these prevent dust particles and fumes from entering your eyes. However, in some cases, the goggles give more protection for example, from sparks, explosives, chemical splashes, and molten metal debris.

Ensure the Glasses Meet the Safety Criteria

Some manufacturers will create amazing glasses that will protect your eyes like no other. However, there will be another group of manufacturers who will deceive customers into thinking that these are the best. The accurate way of knowing whether the glasses are protective or not is by seeing if they fit any safety criteria. There are numerous safety criteria such as the ANSI. These criteria ensure that the glasses are safe and secure so that when you wear them, you will have no such problem.

Usually, the glasses that will meet these criteria will have a sticker on them saying that they do. Otherwise, you always go to an authentic and original shop of glasses and get them from there. You will surely come across numerous ones but you will have to choose wisely. Moreover, you can always change these glasses when you are going to be working with something dangerous. For example, if you are just checking some elements on a construction site then you can wear the normal safety glasses. However, when you are going to be working with chemicals then you can switch to goggles.

Final Words

No matter where you are working, all the workplaces have hazards. For the health of your eyes, safety glasses are a must as they prevent all kinds of dust particles from entering. Also, prescription safety glasses can enhance your eye vision and provide a perfect view.

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