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How Do Protective Glasses Differ from Regular Eyewear?

How Do Protective Glasses Differ from Regular Eyewear?


Whether you need new pair of protective glasses for long hours or want to wear them for less time, it can be threatening. The task is challenging when you have unlimited options for yourself. You are lucky because this is the digital time where there are plenty of choices. But several advantages can be challenging when buying one for your need. Although several options are good, simple things with several options create a lot of stress in the buyer’s mind.


This post is for the customers who have the first approach of shopping and want to remain comfortable in buying process. Particularly the distinction between safety glasses and regular eyewear can be overwhelming. At, you can get the best navigation for making a wise decision. After exploring, you will be surprised by customer service and different treatments.


Whether you are doing a job in some challenging settings or want to buy for a hobby, you need to ensure either you go with the dress eyewear or safety eyewear. It is a vital consideration, and you must consider while before buying the next safety pair. Finally, by considering the main difference, you will come in a better position to shop for the perfect protective pairs for your requirement.


Examine the Difference Between Safety Eyewear From Regulars:


The chief difference between protective eyewear and regular glasses, you should pay close attention to the lenses. So, whether protective eyewear is with a prescription or non-prescription lenses, they are ideal for eyes protection. Besides, these protective lenses have a higher standard than traditional eyewear.


Most of the prescription safety glasses lenses are designed with polycarbonate material because they are impact-resistant. Among regular lenses, they are sturdy and durable against any threat. Besides, polycarbonate lenses are lightweight as compared to traditional lenses.


Due to their softness, they are prone to scratches. Luckily, anti-scratch technology is the best solution that protects them from scratching experience. Glass lenses provide better visual clarity, but they are ideal for any dangerous situation because of easy shattering after striking.


Determine the Standard of Protective Eyeglasses:


The safety criteria of impact resistance for the protective eyewear point out because of the safety stamp. And these safety stamps raised the level of the prescription safety glasses. For instance, the most respected standard for protective spectacles is ANSI. For getting this standard, the safety lenses have to pass some test series. One is the drop ball test, and the lenses will be certified for these tests if they don’t crack or chip during a test session. These tests are planned to check the lens's durability against life-threatening pressure.


So, ANSI is the safety standard that shows that safety eyewear can shield eyes in all challenging settings. For instance, you are working in an environment is full of flying debris and dust, ANSI Z87 lenses are the surety to stand against the hazard. Besides, they are an excellent option for sports like hunting or cycling. On the other hand, regular eyewear doesn’t stand against any threat and can shatter easily with little pressure. Even if any eyewear manufacturer claims for the impact lenses, without checking the sign of ANSI on the lenses, they are just deceiving.


Difference of Safety Eyeglasses Frames than Regular Glasses:


Lenses are not the only difference between standard and protective glasses, but frames are also different from each other. The safety glasses standard frames are also manufactured through impact material nylon. The nylon material is a superb choice for manufacturing eyeglasses frames because it is lightweight and durable. But frames of standard glasses are designed with different materials, and they are not safe.


Like protective glasses lenses, the frames are also tested under some conditions to check their strength and durability. The drop ball test is also familiar with the impact test for safety frames. But only one test doesn’t use for determining the durability of the spectacles frame. There are also test series, and protective glasses frames need to clear these tests for getting the ANSI certification. Therefore, the safety marking can see on the arms of the frame.


So, you can certainly determine that standard eyewear cannot maintain its position in front of any threat. For example, if traditional glasses fall off unexpectedly while working in a harmful environment, the more chance is the breaking of the frame. So, don’t take a risk with your eyes and always protect them with certified protection.


Final Thoughts:


Keep remembering the protective eyeglasses are the final line of defense for your hazard work conditions. Therefore, always conduct a complete analysis of hazards and utilize all protective means to control danger plus safety eyewear.

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