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Polarized Vs UV Protection: Choosing The Right Sunglasses For Face Shape

Polarized Vs UV Protection: Choosing The Right Sunglasses For Face Shape

While searching for another set of glasses, you can see that the terms UV Protection and polarization are regularly used to describe them. Even though there is a ton of cross-over in their utilization, these terms differ totally from each other and share next to not practically speaking. The most important difference between prescription sunglasses is how different filters affect light waves. It doesn't take a physical science certification to see the value in the differentiations between the two sorts of glasses all you want is some foundation information.

Understanding the Potential Risk of Sun Damage to the Eyes 

Outdoor activities and the sun can be enjoyable and beneficial, but they also expose our eyes and skin to UV rays. The two unmistakable types of radiation are UVA and UVB beams. Excessive exposure to either type can cause the following short- and long-term eye damage:

  • Harm to our central vision, particularly to the macula.
  • Harm to the lenses and cornea.
  • Photokeratitis (sunburn on the cornet).

Excessive UV radiation exposure can also increase your risk of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and skin cancer, especially when it comes to the area around your eyes and eyelids.

What Is Polarization?

The sun generates most of the light that reaches our eyes, but not all of the light we see outside. Most of the light that we perceive originates from sunlight reflecting off of paved roads, water and grass. Similar to a mirror, these surfaces reflect sunlight in varying degrees. Compared to flat surfaces like cars or bodies of water, textured surfaces like grass and trees reflect light much less. Strong glares from highly reflective surfaces can temporarily impair our vision because of their harshness. 

Polarized sunglasses lessen the need for squinting by blocking out glaring reflected light. The waves that are produced when a light beam strikes a surface scatter move in different directions and eventually orient themselves horizontally. With the use of an inlaid filter, certain over-prescription sunglasses can allow light to pass through while blocking out horizontal light.

Polarization Benefits

For most people, the most obvious benefit of polarized prescription sunglasses is their ability to reduce glare. However, polarisation's ability to block glare also enables it to:

  • One way to help avoid wrinkles around the eyes is to reduce squinting.
  • Make the image contrast more intense.
  • Boost the vibrancy of the colours.
  • Soothe weary eyes.
  • Strengthen your eyes.

Polarized glasses are ideally suited for sports like snowboarding, skiing, fishing, trekking and drifting. Car accidents can likewise be avoided by impeding the glare from oncoming vehicles and the road.

Understanding UV Protection

Most people are aware of the potential risks and health effects of UV radiation. Since UV light has a wavelength higher than visible light, which makes it invisible to the unaided eye it is radiation that can cause serious eye damage. Contrary to popular belief, UV rays are still present during the winter and on cloudy days. 

Prolonged UV radiation exposure can cause cataracts unusual growth degeneration and permanent harm to the retina and cornea. Under certain circumstances, they may even cause blindness. Fortunately, UV-blocking sunglasses are readily available. Certain glasses, particularly those composed of polycarbonate, have UV protection built right in. 

The coating on these glasses filters out UV radiation. To put it another way, UV-blocking glasses function by absorbing harmful rays before they have an opportunity to harm your eyes permanently. Verify that the prescription sports eyewear you select has a UV rating of 400 or greater.

Advantages of UV Defense Polarization versus. UV Protection

Polarization is the process of eliminating horizontal light waves and reducing unwanted reflections and glares, as was previously mentioned. These glasses may be right for you if you like sharper images, vivid colours, and striking contrasts. On the other hand, UV-blocking glasses protect the eyes from UV radiation that could harm the cornea and retina. Not all shades that block UV rays are polarized as well as the other way around. A couple of glasses don't naturally block UV beams since it is promoted as polarized. UV-blocking sunglasses should always come first. Although it is possible to prevent glares, it is even more beneficial to avoid long-term eye damage.

You must read "UV protection for sunglasses"

5 Tips For Choosing Face-fitting Sunglasses

When shopping for sunglasses, many choose the shape to like best. To select the ideal pair of shades though, it's important to take into account factors other than style. These five best practices will assist you in selecting from a variety of polarized safety sunglasses.

  • Try Out Various Sunglasses Types

Not every style of sunglasses goes well with every face shape. Selecting colours can help to enhance facial symmetry, highlight your best features, balance and complement the proportions of your face and make you feel comfortable all around. Try on various options at SEG to find the ideal Made in USA sunglasses.

  • Choose Polarized Sunglasses Whenever Possible For Their Benefits

Wearing polarized sunglasses has many advantages for your eyes. They shield your eyes from UV rays, reduce reflections, block glare and improve your perception of colour—especially on a bright summer day. They are therefore advantageous to anyone engaging in activities near water or in direct sunlight. Hence, should you choose non-polarized or polarized sunglasses? Having at least one pair of polarized glasses is imperative regardless of how much time you spend in the sun. To help you achieve that carefree and functional summer look, polarized versions of various sunglasses are available.

  • It Matters To Choose The Correct Size

Selecting the right size of sunglasses for your face is essential for both comfort and style. Wear sunglasses that fit properly so they won't slide off your nose bridge or pinch behind your ears. To select the appropriate size for sunglasses, take into account the frame width, temple length lens width and bridge length.

  • Comfort Is Always in Style

Perfectly fitting sunglasses increase the chance that you will wear them frequently and improve your ability to shield yourself from the sun's harmful rays. Additionally, a comfy pair of sunglasses for women won't interfere with your daily activities or require you to constantly adjust them out of concern that they might slip.

  • Take Your Lifestyle And Occasions Into Account

Finally, taking into account your lifestyle and the occasion for which you will wear them is essential when selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses. For instance, if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle, wide-framed DVX sunglasses with strong angular frames might be the best option. Selecting a pair that fits well will guarantee functionality and garner you praise for your style.

Crucial Points to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Sunglasses

While choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses to wear, there are a plethora of styles and brands to choose from. To assist you in choosing wisely, consider the following tips.

  • Looks Aren't Always True

Sunglasses may be fashionable, but that doesn't always mean they'll shield you from the sun. Dark or metallic-finished lenses might help filter out more light, but that doesn't always mean they shield your eyes from UV rays. If you want more information about a pair of Men’s safety sunglasses you're thinking about buying, always read the label or speak with an associate.

  • Select The Lens That Fits Your Lifestyle

Certain lens materials can be particularly beneficial for people who lead more active lives. Since polycarbonate lenses for sunglasses are more durable than regular plastic ones, athletes should opt for them. Glasses with coloured lenses like amber or green are what we advise you to get. You can see more contrast when wearing these lenses. This is particularly useful for any kind of outdoor activity.

  • Remain shielded from ultraviolet radiation

Diseases of the eyes and even ocular cancer can result from unprotected UV exposure. Get sunglasses that provide 99–100% UV protection to avoid this. To ensure that your sunglasses offer complete UV protection, look for a label that reads UV absorption up to 400nm. An increased lens size results in increased protection. Select a pair of frames with a large or wrap-around lens when selecting a frame style.

Top Polarized Sunglasses

WileyX Saint

To ensure the ideal fit, these stylish contemporary frames feature detachable foam and an adjustable nose piece. With their anti-fog coating and polarized lens reduction, the lenses give you a clear field of vision in a variety of lighting conditions. Besides providing complete UV protection these high-performance sunglasses also have impact resistance, allowing you to continue being active while protecting your eyes. For the utmost safety and style, WileyX Saint sunglasses integrate cutting-edge technology into stylish sunglasses.

Wiley X Saint Sunglasses


In addition to looking fantastic, these chic WileyX JACOB WHEELER OMEGA EDITION sunglasses have several advantages. These shatterproof, 100% UV-blocking and scratch-resistant polarized sunglasses have earned an impact protection rating from the American National Standards Institute. You can remain active in high-glare situations because they provide you with clear vision in bright light. For the ideal fusion of style and utility, wear these cosy plastic wraparound frames to show off your sense of fashion and eye safety.


DVX Noise

The lightweight, strong plastic frames of the DVX Noise polarized sunglasses offer protection and comfort. A range of lens types are available which you can swap out to suit the sun's prevailing conditions. You have the most freedom with this option for a wide range of adventures and activities. Select frame colour and pattern that go with your distinct style. With UVA/UVB protection, you will look fantastic and have clarity free of distortion.

DVX Noise polarized sunglasses

DVX Charge

The sport-wrap frames of these sunglasses are lightweight and have a slim fit profile. You can achieve optimal performance with polarized lenses for crisp visual acuity and maximum wide-angle coverage. The lenses minimize glare and are resistant to dust fogging and scratches. UV protection shields your eyes from the sun's rays so you can safely participate in outdoor activities. You can wear stylish sporty and comfortable high-performance DVX Charge sunglasses because they maintain a high standard of quality for athletes and those leading active lifestyles.

DVX Charge sunglasses


DVX Oculus

These lightweight wraparound sunglasses with an ANSI rating offer dependable, long-lasting eye protection. For your active movements, non-slip nose pieces made of hydrophilic rubber are guaranteed. Eye damage is avoided by UV protection, and glare and colour distortion are avoided with polarized lenses. To provide you with the greatest eyewear for your activity, DVX Oculus sunglasses are cutting-edge shades.

DVX Oculus sunglasses

SEG Has A Great Selection Of Polarized And Uv-Protective Sunglasses

A wide range of designer brands and affordable frame styles are available at SEG. To view our collection of Pickleball sunglasses in person, explore our online store safetyeyeglasses.com.

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