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Guide to Best Polarized Prescription Sunglasses for Fly Fishing

Guide to Best Polarized Prescription Sunglasses for Fly Fishing

Do you enjoy going fishing? If that's the case, you are aware of how important having the appropriate gear is to having a productive day on the lake. One of the most essential pieces of equipment, besides your fishing rod, is a pair of polarized sunglasses. Some sunglasses can make it harder for you to catch fish! Every pair of sunglasses are not made equal! How to select the best-polarized sunglasses for fishing will be covered in this blog post. To help you select the ideal pair, we'll go over everything from frame type to lens color.

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Polarized sunglasses are made to cut down on glare. The sun, sand, water, asphalt, and metallic objects like your car hood are some of the things that might cause glare while driving. This glare can be effectively reduced using polarized lenses. Fish are simpler to spot and visibility is improved when there is less glare on the water.

What Sets A Polarized Lens Apart From A Mirror Coating?

Mirrored sunglasses control the amount of light that reaches your eyes by a reflecting flash coating (mirrored), often colored on the lens. The best people for mirrored lenses are those who enjoy the highly reflecting style, those who wish to boost sun reflection at a lesser cost than polarized lenses, and those who wear them daily in bright environments like snow or water.

Remember to:

  • The cost of polarized lenses may exceed that of regular lenses.
  • The mirror coating scratches more easily than luxury sunglasses.
  • Need to be cleaned with more care and consideration than standard colored lenses.
  • Usually costing $20 to $50 more for each pair than sunglasses without mirrors.

Reasons To Choose Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

You can truly influence your experience on the lake with the proper set of sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses nowadays provide the most effective shielding of the eyes against the ultraviolet (UV) rays. Only vertical light can enter your eyes using polarized lenses because they use a coating that prevents horizontal light. Your surroundings are rendered starkly visible with pure color and sharp vision thanks to the vertical light's contrast and clarity.

Your eyes are vulnerable to wind drying out the eyes, strain, squinting, and fatigue, as well as having to fight against reflecting glare all the time without good lenses. The intense sunshine bounces the glare from the water's surface back towards you, reducing vision and potential harm. You can see through the top layer more clearly and shield your eyes from long hours spent in the water by reducing glare.

Our unique Safety Fishing Sunglasses stand out. With its expert control over the entire light spectrum, it offers the best possible vision under all circumstances. While dangerous light is either filtered or decreased, good, useful light is let in and amplified. Prescription and non-prescription UVA, B, and C light-polarizing and blocking lenses are available for Fishing Sunglasses.

Amber or gray tints, either non-mirrored or flash-coated, are common tints for polarized lenses, which effectively block light and glare reflected horizontally. The ideal lenses for daily use are polarized ones for light-sensitive eyes, individuals who wear them for water-based activities like boating, sailing, and fishing, and for bright environments.

Considerations When Purchasing Polarized Lenses

  • Visible through both mirror and normal tint sunglasses; it lets you see below the water's surface.
  • Outstanding color purity and sharpness of vision.
  • Prevents intense glare and surface reflection.
  • Lessens headaches from the eyes.

    Remember to:

  • Usually far more expensive than regular and mirrored sunglasses.
  • Difficult to view GPS, LCD, and other digital displays, including those on cell phones.
  • Not good for snow or ice situations; not suggested for flying or driving at night.

What to Check in Fishing Polarized Sunglasses?

When purchasing polarized fishing sunglasses, keep the following three factors in mind:


Selecting polarized lenses for fishing requires careful consideration of the lens material. Although glass lenses are strong and offer exceptional clarity, they are additionally bulky and break easily if dropped or struck. Glass is more prone to break than polycarbonate lenses, while polycarbonate lenses might not be as visually clear. With greater optical clarity and the lightweight, impact-resistant qualities of polycarbonate, Trivex is also very well-liked.

Style of Frame

For polarized sunglasses, there are three primary frame styles: wraparound, classic, and sports. The greatest coverage is provided by wraparound frames, which are perfect for bright days for fishing. Conventional frames are more universally useful and have a more traditional appearance. Lastly, sports glasses frames are made for people who lead active lives. They provide the best coverage from sunlight and wind and may offer a range of water and wind barriers.

Ideal Color of Lens for Fishing Sunglasses

The color of the lens matters. This is the reason why we offer an assortment of various lens options for our fishing sunglasses. The lighting in the areas you fish most often will determine which color lens is best for you. You can see farther, closer, or more clearly with different lens colors depending on how they improve your vision. The different lens hues and their ideal applications are summarized as follows:

Grey Lenses

The most adaptable lenses for fishing are gray ones. Gray can be the greatest option if you only want to own one pair of sunglasses. They offer great contrast and function well in all lighting situations. The only drawback is that they could be overly dim in low-light settings.
All things considered, grey is a good option when selecting fishing sunglasses. Grey lenses also provide excellent natural contrast. Viewing through grey lenses provides an image that is most similar to not wearing any sunglasses at all. Another reason grey lenses are so popular is that the contrast they provide makes transitions easier for your eyes.

Copper, Brown, and Amber Lenses

The colors of brown, amber, and copper lenses are comparable in terms of appearance and functionality. These three lenses may go by different names from different brands, but they all have almost the same hue. They work well in situations where the light is changing all the time. They are a better option for early time, late at night, and in cloudy weather, since they let in more light than grey lenses. Because of their ability to reduce glare and produce strong contrast, these types of lenses are also among the most preferred options for sight-fishing fishermen. It is the perfect lens for spotting fish in shallow water because of these features. The finest lenses for this kind of fishing are those with bases of copper, amber, and brown hues. Fishermen love sunglasses with these kinds of lenses the most, and for good reason. They are adaptable, covering a wide range of fishing situations that anglers may encounter in a given season.

Yellow Lenses

Yellow lenses work best in the early time and at night. They are also referred to as sunrise by certain manufacturers. They are perfect for sailing a boat in poor light because of their luminous nature and the reality that they let in more sunlight than any other color—aside from clear lenses. Many people would prefer not to use glasses at all, they perform admirably. The fact that they can shield your eyes from light at all times is an additional advantage. Consider these safety glasses for flying objects when driving, or for stray hooks when fishing. Because they perform poorly in bright, sunny circumstances, these lenses represent more of a niche option. Although yellow lenses perform best in the morning and evening, they might also be the finest option when it's cloudy outside.

Bluish mirror

This color of the lens is ideal for fishing in the bright sun. The light removal offered by this lens hue is crucial to many fishermen who fishing offshore for saltwater species. They function effectively in direct sunlight and in situations when there is dazzle from the water since they let very little light through. These lenses offer the strongest defense against strong sunlight and aid in long-term eye protection. They are fantastic for beach combing or other sun-loving activities besides fishing. For summertime use, fishers, and people living in areas with intense sunlight where blue mirror lenses are a great option.

Various Hues And Based Lenses

There are a lot of sunglasses on the marketplace with multicolored lenses. They might have a different color base and a mirror coating for improved light elimination. While various brands may offer one of the aforementioned hues, their bases are different. The wearer can benefit from the qualities of two hues and lenses thanks to this lens technology.

A mirrored sunglasses with a copper substrate is one illustration. This is a better option for sight fishing but permits less light absorption in strong sun circumstances. A grey lens with a brown foundation is an additional example. This will preserve the sharpness of the brown lenses and enable all-around use.

For a fisherman, selecting the appropriate eyewear is an important choice. The most important thing is to get polarized sunglasses that suit your face. The next decision is figuring out what kind of fishing you enjoy doing most and choosing the appropriate lens. Like choosing a fishing rod, there are a lot of options available, and the angler's needs and tastes will ultimately determine which option they choose.

Our Top Picks

Although SEG has an extensive selection of fishing sunglasses, these are our top five picks.

DVX Spoiler

Polarized offshore blue lenses with DVX Spoiler sunglasses. The DVX Spoiler features a lovely wrap frame that encircles your face to shield your eyes from the sun and wind. Off-shore blue lenses with a blue shine mirror that is polarized reduce glare in bright marine environments. Ideal for faces ranging from medium to large.

DVX Spoiler Sunglasses



Polarised and non-polarised lenses are available for the WileyX OZONE sunglasses.  Rather than having a wrap-around design, the WileyX OZONE has a more conventional sunglass frame. If these non-prescription sunglasses fall into the water, they are made to float. Besides non-polarized Photochromic lenses that shift from clear to dark based on light, they also offer regular polarized brown or grey lenses. Because of the flatter form of the lens, these are a wonderful option for a high prescription.

Wiley X OZONE 


Whether you are paddle boarding, kite sailing, or ocean fishing, Ocean's collection of fishing sunglasses is designed for those who enjoy the sea. WileyX GLORY Sunglasses are a fantastic choice for everyone, offering an excellent selection of vibrant frames and polarized lenses. Furthermore, the blue lens adds even more attractiveness and maximizes visual enhancement, making it stand out even more.



WileyX GRID sunglasses have fantastic unisex frames offered in black, grey, or green for larger heads. These magnetic lenses are simple to replace, giving you the perfect pair of sunglasses for every situation.

Wiley x Grid Sunglasses

Onguard OG240S

A fantastic manufacturer that deals in military and tactical quality glasses is Onguard OG240S safety glasses. One of their products is the Onguard OG240S, which has Polarized Smoke Green lenses and is excellent for deepwater fishing. It is guaranteed to survive whatever is thrown at it because it surpasses the ANSI Z87.1 High-Velocity Standard. Both prescription- and non-prescription-friendly.

OG240S safety glasses.

Get The Ideal Color Lenses For Fishing At Se

SEG has everything you're searching for in the finest sunglasses for fishing! Whatever your vision needs, we take pride in providing the most personalized experience for eyeglasses. Allow the next pair to be the catalyst for you to reach your peak performance.

With our guarantee protecting your purchase, you can shop with assurance. You get 14 days to test out your fishing goggles on the water. If you're not happy with them, we'll be happy to arrange a refund or replacement for a better pair with no conditions!

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