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Rx Polarized Safety Sunglasses

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Rx Polarized Safety Sunglasses - Wiley x & DVX | Safety Eyeglasses


Besides Safety Glasses, offers the best polarized safety sunglasses from Wiley X & DVX, two of the leading safety sunglasses brands.


We offer polarized safety sunglasses with the following features:


  • 100% UVA Protection
  • 100% UVB protection
  • Block Glare
  • ANSI Certified 
  • Polycarbonate Lenses


What Are Polarized Safety Sunglasses?


Polarized safety sunglasses are also known as anti-glare sunglasses. Their job is to reduce the eye strain caused on your eyes by the UV rays or direct sunlight that falls into your eyes. They are made specifically for the purpose of lessening the impact of the sun's rays.


When Should Polarized Glasses Be Used?


  • Fishing 
  • Boating
  • Golfing
  • Outsdoor activities
  • Shooting



What Lens Material SEG is Providing with Anti-Glare Sunglasses:


Being an Authorized dealer of Wiley x and DVX brands, we offer the best prescription lenses along high impacted frames


Prescription Types: 


  • Single Vision Polarized Safety Sunglasses
  • Bifocal Polarized Safety Sunglasses
  • Trifocal Polarized Safety Sunglasses
  • Progressive Polarized Safety Sunglasses


We provide the best lens material “Premium Trivex and Polycarbonate” along with two Polarized Tint Option


  • Polarized - Brow
  • Polarized - Gray




Are Polarized Sunglasses Better for Your Eyes Than Regular Sunglasses?

Yes. The polarized sunglasses provide a 100 percent more protection rate from UV light than regular sunglasses would. These are also said to improve the vision stability and are much more reliable than regular sunglasses.

Should I use Polarized Sunglasses or Normal Sunglasses?

The advice would be for you to invest in polarized sunglasses if you are thinking about buying sunglasses of any type. These will reduce the glare of the sunlight that might cause any discomfort and ensure the safety of your eyes unlike normal sunglasses. So if you are going to buy sunglasses anyway, invest in polarized ones.

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