5 Best Shooting Sunglasses

5 Best Shooting Sunglasses

Use our comprehensive guide to uncover the mysteries of shooting glasses. Why are they important to wear? Are they able to improve your performance? What aspects ought to you take into account? What effects do lens colors have on your photography? How about eyeglasses with a prescription for shooting? Here are answers to these questions and offer insightful information to support your decision-making. Improve your shooting skills with the appropriate equipment and information.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced shooter, you are undoubtedly aware of how important shooting glasses are for protecting your eyes. Investing in a good set of shooting glasses is the best method to safeguard your extremely valuable eyes when you're out shooting.

It's safe to claim that shooting glasses have grown into much more than just a useful piece of protective gear. These days, they rank among the best accessories for improving shooting performance. These days, the abundance of models such as DVX safety glasses available caters to a wide range of shooters. 

Everyone can find something they like on the market nowadays, ranging from affordable models to expensive, high-tech, luxury models with an amazing selection of lens colors. These are concerns we believe you should ask yourself and the things to think about when purchasing a pair of shooting glasses because it may be so overwhelming at times.

Why are Shooting Glasses Necessary for you to Wear?

Three main goals are considered in the design of shooting glasses:

  • To shield your eyes from glare, UV rays, and impact
  • Controlling the light
  • Improving the target's contrast with the surrounding area

Shooting glasses are now required at all CPSA-registered competitions and are required at the majority of shooting ranges in the nation. The major risk associated with clay shooting is flying fragments of fractured clay. Although it doesn't happen often, getting struck by one of these pointed projectiles might result in cuts to any unprotected body parts. eyes included!

Other risks that are not as well-known are shot fall-out from the air.

Shots that unintentionally miss fire and bounce back to solid ground are rare, but they do happen occasionally. However, more frequently, uncaught rounds are thrown in the direction of onlookers. Raise your hand if you've ever been struck by one by accident. Thus, there's no justification for not using appropriate shooting glasses when you're loading, playing a game, playing, visiting a sim day, or just watching clay target shooting.

Will You Perform Better if You Shoot Glasses? Are You Going to Hit Harder?

The most valuable tool you have for accurate shooting is your eyes. Improving your ability to see targets against various backdrops and in varying light levels is strongly related to improving your performance.

On a bright, sunny day, going with a black lens color can be quite helpful, particularly when targeting subjects that are near the sun. However, did you know that, even on cloudy days, you continue to squint when staring up at the sky? A maximum of 80% of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that you would normally be exposed to on a sunny day are reflected into your eyes by clouds.

Your eyes won't be as comfortable as they might be if you spend your entire shooting session squinting while aiming your gun upward because you're missing your Pentax Zt100 safety frames with the right tinted lenses or have the wrong color in your lenses. Your visual performance will suffer as a result of your rapid fatigue.

Optimizing your visual acuity—that is, how rapidly your brain detects and processes the target—is a key component of shooting successfully. Suppose that when you fire, your eyes aren't open and relaxed. If so, you will be limiting the quantity of visual information that the brain needs to process to identify a target more quickly.

What Features Should a Set of Shooting Glasses Have?

Here are some things to think about when shopping for shooting glasses if you're ready to purchase them.

Impact Resistance Factor

For clay shooting to be safe, your glasses need to meet EN166-F safety standards. The lens must be significantly thicker versus the lenses found in typical sunglasses to achieve this criterion, at least 2 mm thick. Make sure this rating is present when you buy your glasses because it is frequently printed on the frame.

UV Defense

It's simple to undervalue the significance of shielding your vision from the sun's damaging rays. Fortunately, no matter the lens color, the majority of shooting glass lenses today come with an included UV filter.

Lens Formulation and Quality

  • Polycarbonate Lenses

Nowadays, polycarbonate, which has outstanding optical properties and is incredibly impact-resistant, is the most common lens material used in shooting glasses. It is important to remember, however, that not every lens made of similar material that is sold will possess the exact optical quality. This is among the factors contributing to the wide range of pricing points.

  • Lenses Made of Nylon

Less frequently used polyamide, a derivative of nylon, has a superior optical definition and is nonetheless impact-resistant, albeit marginally less so. The reason for this is a greater "Abbe Value." Abbe is a metric used to quantify a lens's optical clarity. The greater your lens's optical clarity, the higher its Abbe Value. However, consumers must pay much more for eyewear created with nylon lenses because they are up to three times more expensive than those made of polycarbonate.

How About Eyeglasses with a Prescription for Shooting?

There are two alternatives available to you if you require a prescription choice for your shooting glasses:

  • RX Inserts

The most flexible choice is probably using an RX insert. This is a frame that is clipped in and placed behind the lens. This can be filled with your medication. You can make use of the advantages of different lens colors by switching the RX insert in multi-lens versions. An additional benefit of an Rx insert is that getting replacement lenses fitted is reasonably priced if your prescription varies over time.

It's important to remember that while many RX inserts have a curve that matches the front of the lens, they are only appropriate for light to medium-strength prescriptions. Many more correction needs can be met by flat lenses. Therefore, an RX insert is a fantastic option if you don't have a high prescription, but they're not suitable for everyone.

RX inserts can sometimes seem very closed in since they sit so close to your eyes. Furthermore, only a few are made to have a top-mounted lens that you can look through, just like a shotgun. Our RX insert at X Sight Sport has a sizable lens region that rests at the front of the lens's top. It has an integrated nose pad that enhances comfort, posture, and ventilation, giving the impression that you are wearing spectacles behind a shield.

  • Glasses with fully glazed prescription lenses 

These will consist of two lenses that have been fitted to the frame and made in your prescription. Because these shapes are often flatter, even higher prescription strengths can be accommodated. The drawback is that, unless you purchase numerous lenses, you are frequently restricted to a single-color tint. Should your prescription be altered, it will be more expensive and less flexible. These Shooting glasses are ANSI Z87.1 Certified.

What Are The Functions of the Various Lens Colors?

The two basic types of lens colors are as follows in the most basic definition:

  • Light-management lenses: To improve your vision, lenses that control the light and weather.
  • Contrast enhancement: The use of lenses to change the color of the target and the backdrop to make the target more visible.

Numerous lens colors will enable you to accomplish both at the same time. Using a contrast-enhancing lens to make a target different from a background might not improve your accuracy. However, your odds of hitting the target could be 0% if you cannot control enough light to see it physically due to the sun blocking your route.

Your ability to recognize an object clearly and quickly can be affected by selecting the appropriate lens color for the lighting and target appearance you are facing.

Which Color Lens to Get, and Which Ones Should You Get?

Having a lens for bright light, a lens for darkness, and an intermediate lens for cloudy and overcast days is adequate. Of course, though, you are free to choose from any number of lens colors. In general, you should select the lightest lens possible for the lighting situation while maintaining your eyes wide open when selecting a lens color to maximize your visual acuity.

The majority of reasonably priced multi-lens sets will have three to five lens colors to protect you in any situation. The reasonably typical color options of the less expensive versions slightly impact contrast improvement. Some of the most expensive manufacturers provide an unmatched level of performance along with a far wider range of colors, coatings, and contrast improvement.

The Best Safety Glasses for Shooting

It can be rather overwhelming to choose the most suitable shooting glasses for you when there are so many options available. But don't worry, you're covered by us. Whether you shoot competitively or just for fun, the list of 5 shooting glasses we've put up below should suit your needs.

  • Wiley X WX Valor

When you bring about shooting glasses, Wiley X WX Valor will inevitably come up. This is because the business has long produced some of the greatest shooting glasses available. The WX VALOR is the newest model in their lineup, and it's excellent. These comfortable, lightweight glasses are made to keep in place throughout vigorous activities.

They have a modern, wrap-around style that doesn't obstruct your view and offers superior coverage. Besides, the WX VALOR has an adjustable T-ShellTM lens coating that offers impact and scratch protection. Moreover, the lenses provide 100% UV protection.

  • Wiley X. Saint

The Wiley X Saint, featured in American Sniper, is made to satisfy even the pickiest shooters. They are strong, long-lasting, suitable for prescription lenses, and offer excellent peripheral vision and crystal-clear optics, making them ideal for anyone who has to make snap decisions. The Saints are perfect for usage in any setting because they also include a detachable foam insert that filters out wind and debris.


Performance-wise and aesthetically, these glasses are perfect. You will not be aware that you have worn them because they're constructed of lightweight material. Because of their rectangular shape, the WileyX GUARD ADVANCED glasses are ideal for those with square or heart-shaped features. Besides, the Wileyx units have sophisticated HD optics and visual clarity, which reduce distortion. This thus made higher detail and greater recognition possible.

  • Wiley X Saber Advanced

Ultimate Yes, there is a new Wiley X Sabar Advanced on the roster. The Saber Advanced, like other models of the Wiley X lineup, exceeds MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 standard and offers 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Furthermore, you may change the clear lenses on these glasses to smoky gray ones based on the lighting using their interchangeable lens feature.

You can also use the Saber with the PTX Rx Insert, so you won't have to give up crystal-clear vision for protection. Additionally, the take-flight nose piece of the Saber Advanced may be adjusted to accommodate your particular face. Moreover, they are long-lasting due to their sturdy polycarbonate construction.

  • DVX Charge

Is there anything about the DVX Charge that you dislike? They have the best Lens Technology, a unique and modern innovation that improves color and clarity, as their primary feature. Additionally, the glass frame is composed of a lightweight, impact-resistant polymer. Concerned that they might fall while you're working hard at the shooting range? They have durable temple and nose pads grips, so don't be. Safety glasses provide excellent UV protection, just like every other pair of glasses on this list.

That's it for you. Naturally, this is but a small selection of the excellent shooting glasses available today. Please browse our shooting glasses category for a complete list at Safetyeyeglasses.com.

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