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Women Rx Safety Sunglasses

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Stylish Women Safety Sunglasses - Wiley X & DVX | Safety Eyeglasses 


Stylish women safety sunglasses are available from with prescription and tint options. These products are perfect for a wide variety of activities, such as work, play, and sports.


All of the popular sets of women's safety sunglasses like; WX ALFA & DVX STATIC are available here, and they have the best look, if you are looking for a fashion statement piece


Different Shapes and Sizes:


  1. Square
  2. Rectangle
  3. Butterfly
  4. Circle
  5. Oval


 All of these have been given a modern touch because we only display perfection for our customers.


Rx Safety Sunglasses Lenses: 


If you want to attach a prescription to your stylish women safety sunglasses frames, then we ( will offer you the best Rx option with polarized and photochromic tints.


☑️ Single Vision Safety Sunglasses Lenses

☑️ Bifocal Safety Sunglasses Lenses

☑️ Trifocal Safety Sunglasses Lenses

☑️ Progressive Ssafety Sunglasses Lenses


You can also customize your lens material from the following options:


☑️ Plastic CR39 (FREE)

☑️ High Impact Polycarbonate

☑️ Premium Trivex 


The best thing with customization, you can add tint option to your safety sunglasses;


☑️ 20%, 50%, 80% Gray

☑️ 20%, 50%, 80% Brown

☑️ Photochromic (Brown/Gray)

☑️ Polarized (Brown/Gray)


Are Provide Polarized Safety Sunglasses Lenses?

Yes, we provide are polarized sunglasses lenses with two tint (Brown and Gray), and they have been tested as well. Hence, they offer the best UV protection as well.

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