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Snow Blindness: How to Prevent Sunburned Eyes?

Snow Blindness: How to Prevent Sunburned Eyes?

It is normal for you to squint your eyes when you are out in the sun. The major reason why you do this is because of the harmful ultraviolet rays. When you take anything above the limits, it is going to harm you and just like that, too many sun rays and UV light will hurt your eyes. Hence, snow blindness is a loss of vision temporarily because of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. It is painful and it only happens when you expose your eyes to an abnormal amount of UV rays.

There is a medical term for this as well which is known as photokeratitis. Hence, snow blindness is mainly caused by a sunburned eye. It burns the main point in the eye which is the cornea. It can also happen if you stand under the hot shiny sun for a longer period. The best way how you can stay away from getting snow blindness is by using sports glasses. It is important to protect your eyes from harmful rays so that you do not develop any complications. It is a sensitive part of the body and it gets damaged easily.


The Severe Symptoms of Snow Blindness and how to Tackle it 


It is a good thing that snow blindness is temporary because its symptoms are severe. Usually, it causes,


  • Eye pain
  • A burning sensation in the eye
  • Feel a gritty sensation
  • Become very sensitive to light
  • Blurry vision
  • You see halos around any light sources

There are a few people who might also experience a headache and their eyes as well as eyelids getting swollen. If you do get snow blindness, it is normal for you to experience these symptoms after several hours. Moreover, these symptoms last for a day or two.

However, if you feel as if the symptoms are severe then you should visit a doctor. There are numerous ways how you can cure snow blindness. However, the best way to ensure you don’t get it in the first place is by wearing glasses. You will have to buy a different pair of safety glasses so that your eyes are protected at all costs. The normal typical glasses that we see around shops will not help block out the harmful and strong UV rays. Therefore, you will need to look for sports sunglasses. These glasses come in different shapes and styles. However, the main element of these is their lenses.

The Best Way to Prevent Snow Blindness

The best glasses to look upon are those that are big and they have a wrap-around frame. This secures your eyes the best because they are big and they will cover your eyes. Moreover, it does not matter what the color of the lens is. However, you should just focus on the characteristic that it protects the eye 100% from UV rays. Usually, people confuse themselves that the darker the color of the lenses, the higher the protection from UV rays. This is false but, you can always consider the different lens colors.




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Different colors offer different elements. However, your priority should be the amount of UV light it can block. The best color that blocks UV light is blue. You will see numerous skiers, pilots, hunters, and boaters wearing glasses that have a blue lens. Therefore, this works best for any kind because it blocks out all the harmful rays. Moreover, it also enhances vision so that the user can have a safe view of the situation they are in.

Choose the Lens that Grants you Clear Vision while Protection 

The best type of lens you can get is polarized as well as anti-reflective coating lenses. This minimizes the reflective glare the best. Moreover, polarized lenses are mainly worn by those who have several activities to do on water or who play sports in the snow. These lenses work by reducing the glare through the anti-reflective coating by light reflecting off the back surface of the lens. Therefore, if you want the best protection then this lens will do justice for you.

You will also come across mirror-coated lenses which limit the amount of light entering the eyes. This is also something crucial and you need to have them. They are highly reflective because the coating is applied directly to the surface of the lens. Hence, this helps in reducing the amount of light that enters the eye. Moreover, gradient lenses are also gaining popularity these days. They are tinted from the top down. This makes the top of the lens dark. Hence, double gradient refers to lenses that are the same way. However, the only difference is that they are tinted from the bottom up. This makes the top and bottom part of the lens dark and the middle area has a lighter tint.

The Shape of Sports Sunglasses You Should Look For

After looking at the different types of lenses and how they can offer you the best protection, you might be wondering about the size of the lenses. Therefore, to clear out any misunderstanding, you will need to get glasses that offer a big and wider lens. This is important because you don’t just need to protect your eyes from the front but also from the sides. The UV rays can enter from anywhere which is why you need to protect yourself the best. Hence, you should get a bigger lens so that the front of your eyes is completely protected and that you don’t have to worry about the UV rays coming directly at your eyes.




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Moreover, to ensure that your side eyes are being protected as well. You can achieve this by using a wrap-around frame. A wrap-around frame is one of the best sports glasses that you will be able to get. The frame is made in such a way that the glasses, as well as the lenses, move up to your side-eye. Hence, when you head to the store to get yourself a pair of glasses then always look at the ones that have a wraparound style. They are more comfortable as well because these glasses have built-in rubber nose pads. Therefore, they will give you the best protection as well as the best comfort level.

The Benefits of Having a Wraparound Frame

For maximum protection, you can always find snow goggles or sports goggles too. They work the best when it comes to protecting your eyes. The reason why you need to pay attention and get a good pair of glasses is that even the smallest element can lead to blindness. Therefore, you need to ensure that your eyes are covered from all sides which is why a suction frame will be best. One thing that people don’t know is that UV rays can also pass through clouds. Therefore, if it is a cloudy day then you should still wear your glasses to ensure that you are protected at all times.




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Not only does it give you the best protection but, it also provides you with maximum visibility. Hence, you will be able to look around and have a great view wherever you are. Usually, the naked eye does not give you a clear view of the environment you are in sometimes. However, when you get a good pair of glasses, you will be able to have a great view too. Hence, this will increase your visibility and you will be able to perform much better. You can always go for rimless glasses if you are looking for a pair that has less frame material.

Do Not Rely on Tinted Glasses 

Tinted glasses do not mean that they have 100% UV light protection. There is a different coating that needs to be applied when it comes to giving UV rays protection. Hence, do not fall for some amazing-looking tinted glasses because they might not have the UV protection coating layer. You should only consider full-spectrum sun protection glasses. When you go to a shop which carries all different types of glasses, you will surely get to know about the one which can benefit you the most. Most people who do activities out in the snow use goggles. That is because they are closed from all sides and they do not have holes.

However, you should also ensure that the glasses you are choosing do not fog up. If they do, then it will be a waste of money. Therefore, it is best that you try out different frames and see if they fog up or not. This way, you will be wasting less time and getting the right thing. When it comes to the design, you can choose whatever you think suits you best. When you head to the market, you will find a ton of different designs. Hence, there is surely a wide variety from which you can choose.

Final Words:

Wearing sunglasses to prevent the problem of sunburned eyes is of prime importance. Your selection for choosing the right sunglasses matters in this. Wraparound frame and other safety features will make you feel comfortable and help avoid snow blindness.

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