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Can Prescription Safety Glasses Be Worth The Cost?

Can Prescription Safety Glasses Be Worth The Cost?

Prescription safety glasses are the perfect way to protect your eyes in potentially dangerous situations. However, how much do prescription safety glasses cost? We'll look at the variables influencing the price of prescription safety glasses in this post. You will get all the knowledge you require to make the right decision. Prescription safety glasses can be expensive, so knowing this is important whether you're an employer providing equipment for your staff or an individual looking to safeguard your own eyes.

Identifying Prescription Safety Glasses' Cost

A large selection of ANSI Z87 glasses are available for prescription in our assortment of safety glasses with prescriptions. These protective glasses will come in a range of forms and costs. Prescription safety glasses were available for as little as $30.00.

Although these are the approximate prices for the frames alone, several other aspects affect the total cost of prescription safety glasses. Many of those variables are related to the lenses that are utilized in these safety glasses that are prescribed.

Lens Choices

Ultimately, there are several kinds of lenses available.

Single Vision

Among the most popular kinds of prescription lenses are single-vision lenses. They can be a suitable option for readers or for seeing at specific distances because they have a single prescription power over the entire lens.

Digital Single Vision

The features of single-vision and digital single-vision lenses are the same. However, digital lenses make use of state-of-the-art digital technology to reduce distortion and improve vision clarity.

Lined Bifocal

There are two possible advantages to the lined bifocal lenses. In addition to giving them the capacity to read the content at close range, they may assist you in seeing at specific distances. The most often used bifocal is the 28-millimeter-wide.

Progressive Bi-Focal

Furthermore, we provide progressive bifocals, which spare users from having to switch lenses for close-up, intermediate, and distant work. Furthermore, this multifocal lens incorporates all corrections without dividing the visual zones with lines.

Lens Material

The ultimate cost of prescription safety glasses will also depend on the type of lens material you choose. We at SEG provide a variety of lens materials, including Polycarbonate, Standard Glass, High Index Plastic, and Trivex. Depending on the type of environment you plan to wear your safety glasses in, the lens material is crucial. A Polycarbonate lens comes at $15.00 in price. Starting at $30.00 is Trivex. The range of High Index Plastic is valued at $40.00 or $95. Additionally, the Base Glass costs $60.00. Keep in mind that the cost of the lens material will change based on the frame you select.

Lens Color

The color of the lenses can affect the final cost of a prescription safety glasses set in addition to the kind of lens chosen. Clear lenses are frequently free. To customize your RX safety glasses, however, we at SEG provide an extensive selection of lens colors. Orange, yellow, grey, dark brown, and more colors are available.  Furthermore, you can benefit from Transition Lenses. These lenses are designed to lighten in dimly lit areas and darken in direct sunlight. The cost of the lenses varies from $12.50 to $90, based on the color and transition options selected.

Coating for Lenses

We also provide a variety of lens treatments that can help you see even better. For just $10.00, add a scratch or UV protection to your prescription safety glasses. For an additional $50, permanent anti-fog coating is also an option. Additional choices include mirror and anti-reflective lens coatings. However, they will provide you with a style and perspective that is clearer.  The cost of this extra anti-reflective or mirror lens treatment varies between $40 and $50.


The brand name is a key component that influences the prescription safety glasses' total cost. Similar to other goods, some prescription safety glasses include a brand premium that makes them more expensive than comparable models. The primary brand name will cost more for your prescription safety glasses. Conversely, purchasing branded prescription safety glasses like DVX and Wiley X ensures that the eyewear is of the highest caliber. We strive to maintain the lowest prices at SEG. Put another way, you will save money on major brand safety glasses.

As an alternative, we also have a nice selection of prescription safety glasses in our collection. However, less expensive. Therefore, we make sure that our Rx safety glasses or over-prescription sunglasses are reasonably priced, long-lasting, and useful. The ideal pairing of the greatest prescription safety glasses available online.

Advantages of Prescription Safety Glasses 

It's possible that millions of Americans need eye protection because their jobs often put them in potentially hazardous situations. It's critical that you feel safe and at ease at work if you're one of these citizens, regardless of your line of work—construction, cleaning, science, mechanical, or any of the other many occupations that demand personal protective equipment. Rx safety glasses are now more easily obtained and reasonably priced at SEG. Taking into account the advantages of having and using them, this is an excellent opportunity to get a pair for yourself!


If you've worn glasses your entire life, you are aware that wearing them can make some tasks more challenging. It can be awkward and uncomfortable to try to wear standard safety glasses on top of your corrective lenses, and it may even make it harder for you to perform your work effectively. You may say sorry for carrying two pairs of eyeglasses at work when you decide to combine your prescription and safety glasses into one, allowing you comfort both at work and at home!


Made in USA Sunglasses that can tolerate wear and tear are probably necessary for any vocation that demands personal protective equipment. SEG recognizes the value of wearing safety glasses that will keep you safe and maintain excellent vision for years to come. Our glasses are designed to withstand many years on the job. You are investing in a pair of extremely durable glasses made of premium, long-lasting metals, and polymers when you choose to buy prescription shooting sunglasses from SEG.


At SEG, cost and quality have always come first. You may be sure that you're receiving the greatest deal and the best product when you buy a set of our Pickleball prescription safety glasses. Investing in high-quality prescription safety glasses can reduce replacement costs over time and provide years of reliable, superior PPE from a single, well-thought-out purchase!

Things To Think About When Getting Prescription Safety Glasses

Here's what you should know if you're shopping for prescription safety glasses:

To be clear, prescription safety glasses are not officially approved by OSHA.  This is so because the Made in USA Googles standards are developed and approved by ANSI. The only thing OSHA does is enforce their use. That being said, ANSI Z87-accredited safety glasses are actually what you need if you're seeking prescription safety glasses that have been approved by OSHA. ANSI Z87-rated safety eyewear typically complies with OSHA standards.

Nearly all of the prescription safety glasses that SEG offers have the ANSI Z87 grade. It complies with OSHA as a result. It complies with OSHA as a result. All you have to do is make sure the glasses you select are ANSI Z87 approved if you're looking for prescription safety glasses that comply with OSHA regulations on our website. This guarantees that the glasses you select will be OSHA-compliant, regardless of the ANSI certification.

Experts believe that the optimum lens material for Z87 safety glasses is polycarbonate. Although safety eyewear with polycarbonate lenses is more impact-resistant than those made with plastic or glass, it may still be ANSI Z87-approved.

Flat frames and wraparound styles are available for prescription safety glasses. These two types of safety glasses can comply with OSHA standards. However, the application for which you wear your glasses and the strength of your prescription will inform your decision. Furthermore, based on the industry you work in and wear glasses in, your needs can vary. Getting a wrap-around frame is a smart idea if you want adequate side coverage and have a weaker prescription.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Busting the Myth of Unreasonable Prices

We are sure you've heard rumors that prescription safety glasses are pricey. False! Let's clarify the situation. It's time to dispel that myth and present you with the truth. Safety glasses with prescriptions are not just for the wealthy or privileged. Whether you're monitoring your budget or willing to spend a little more on high-quality eyewear, they have something to offer everyone.

Designed to Fit Your Budget

Consider the world of rx safety glasses as a vibrant spectrum with alternatives available at all price points. There's a pair that fits your budget well, whether you are a college student on a limited budget, a professional looking for a cheap update, or an explorer ready to explore new places.

Using Discounts and Offers

Imagine that you have your sights set on a gorgeous pair of rx safety glasses that meet all your requirements, but you still need to locate the greatest price. Do not be alarmed! Numerous stores, such as SEG, frequently provide promotions and discounts on their selection of eyeglasses. Watch for special discounts, clearance sales, and seasonal promotions that might further reduce the cost of your ideal eyeglasses.

Techniques for Savings

Let's explore the world of savings in more detail. Subscribe to emails from eyeglasses stores such as SEG. This proactive step can provide you access to exclusive offers and early access to bargains.

Prescription Safety Glasses Available At Seg

Workplace eye injuries are a fairly typical occurrence. Severe injuries may result from cuts to the eyes or damage to the cornea. Investing in prescription safety glasses is an essential way to protect your eyes, especially if you work in an industrial setting where hazards are present. Before accessing the site, personnel in certain industries are required to put on safety gear and glasses. Putting safety goggles over prescription glasses may impair vision and not offer enough protection. 

As a result, SEG provides high-quality, dependable, and prescription-compliant safety glasses online. Additionally, the wrap-around frames of the single-vision safety glasses enable you to work comfortably while being completely protected. Are you an industrial business owner seeking effective eye safety devices for your staff? Then you're at the proper spot because we provide everyone with premium prescription safety glasses that are specifically customized for them.

Reason to choose us:

  • We provide premium prescription safety glasses with online delivery.
  • All of our ANSI-approved prescription safety glasses have undergone extensive testing.
  • To meet the standards for the best prescription safety glasses, we employ heavy-duty plastic for the frames and premium polycarbonate lens material.
  • Our safety lenses are scratch-proof, anti-reflective, chemical-resistant, and impact-resistant.

What are you waiting for? We provide prescription safety glasses that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear online. Check out our most recent selection right now!

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