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Adjust Your Glasses


How can you select your eyewear? Tips to consider.

  •      Can I wear my eyeglasses at home?
  •      What is my appropriate price range?
  •      Check for proper sizing & fit.     

Never make significant, overwhelming adjustments to your eyewear at once. Instead, start with tiny adjustments. Then, continue making minor adjustments until you find the perfect fit.


Common Problems:

The eyewear sits too deep or too high.


For Metal or Wire Frames

If your specs sit high, softly press out on the flexible nose cushion. Perform this on both sides until they are the desired height.


For Plastic or Acetate frames

If specs sit low, use a hairdryer four inches from the frames for approximately thirty seconds. Then push the left side and right side closer to the nose.


Common issues:


Specs are sliding

Metal or wire frames

If your eyewear is relatively HIGH, slowly press out on the pliable proboscis pad until they are at the desired height.


For Plastic or Acetate frames

If the eyewear is relatively low, run your blow dryer four inches above the specs bridge for roughly 30 seconds. Then lean the right aspect and left aspect closer to the nose.


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